A Rooftop View.

Today was a slow start – I was late and met the others at The Plaza. I had wanted to do some filming for a Npk video but in the end it never materialized.

We started the day at Houses feeling rather demotivated and I felt like it was going to be one of those days where nothing gets done and we would just sit around than really progress. We walked past High Pavement and saw people tricking off the step up down the road we practiced the downwards Precisions and 180 Precisions from a window ledge. Ash gave a ‘squirrel to a drain’ a go and then Johnny stepped up only to land with his feet so high that he fell off it backwards and landed flat on his back much to out amusement (this was the start of many Johnny bails). Some people drilled the precision from a wall to a post box. The electricians who were doing things in the university flats were watching us and making jokes about us failing.

We moved down to the masons building with the intention of doing a rail precision. In the end it seemed too scary to do and all the builders were asking us to do things and jump from buildings. Ash had the idea of doing a pop wall climb from a small wall up to the roof. We all practiced it and at one point when Johnny went for it, he bailed as he didn’t get enough push from the lower wall and couldn’t reach the top of the roof so he just slid down wall then on to his ass and back.




We decided to go to Adams area on the way we made a short cut through an allay way which led into the Market Square. While in the alleyway we decided to do the moves which were available here, some people did the standing Catleap from a chest high wall to a further higher wall between some skips. There was also a running catleap from a small bollard to a higher wall. Once again it was Johnny who bailed this move three times in total (all on camera for future video use). It made us laugh when he had the bails. The first time his foot slipped off the bollard as he used it to launch off, the second time he just didn’t jump off the bollard and slammed into the wall and the last time it looked like he made it but didn’t get enough height and so pushed off the wall. In the end he decided against doing it again otherwise he might be more unlucky and injury himself.

We had planned to carry on walking through and to Adams but in the end we all decided to go back to High Pavement to see Johnny do some tricking then maybe head to Flats there on after. We began to walk all the way back to High Pavement! When we arrived we did some tricking and helped coast Johnny and Vlad to over come their fears of doing a trick of the new step up. In the end both were doing tricks off the step up fearlessly. :D


Vlad - Thumbs Up.


Some time later James arrived with Danno who had previously said he was going home and we all went to Adams for some training before moving to a church just down from the square. We also trained on the rails nearby doing rail precisions to which Yaz bailed twice really badly. His first was he only just landed on the rail with his toes then slipped off the rail falling back nearly cracking his head open! The second time he landed and one foot slipped again and he felt forward nearly chesting the rail! Vlad also bailed when he landed a downwards precision. He almost hyper extended his foot. I slipped on one and still managed to keep control and stick it. Yaz did a running precision, which I was scared to do, only to hurt his foot in the process. We did some spinning and flow before moving from this area.

We were getting to the end of the day wondering where and what to do next when we came across a precision which I was getting photos of Yaz doing before we were going to move on. As I was doing this, a random passer-by said ‘are you guys doing Parkour? to which we replied ‘Yes’ and he then said ‘I live in a flat on some roofs follow me it’s just round the corner it might be really awesome for you guys’. Once up there it was awesome we had fun training here for the rest of the day getting pictures and drilling the various things to do before calling it a day.


Johnny - Downwards Precision.


Zade using the Metal Gear Solid dragging technique on Johnny!


Yaz - Postbox Precision.


Johnny - Front Tuck Precision.


James phoning home.


Johnny - A-twist.


Ladder Rungs.


Roof top rails.


Zade - Touching the church tower.




James - Kong.


James Standing Tall.


Yaz - Catleap.


Yaz - Catleap.


Johnny - Catleap.


Yaz - Downwards Precision.


Ash - Straddle Vault.


Johnny - Precision.


Yaz - Front tuck.


Church Steeple.


James - Portrait.


James - Portrait.


Zade (Me) - Precision.


Zade (Me) - Precision.



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