Sunday Training.


Zade (Me) & James – Portrait.


I woke feeling shattered from training the day before. With my alarm going off, getting louder each bleep, all I wanted to do was to stay in bed and recover! It felt too early to be getting up, but I turned my alarm off and got myself out of bed. The first thing I did was text Sammie to see how she was doing, as she was on holiday with her family for a week. I switched on my PC. As I sat there waiting for it to log on, I had thoughts of, ‘I really can’t be bothered to train today!’ I posted on Facebook that I was exhausted and checked to see if James was still coming out to train. Yaz said he was out but was feeling extremely tired also. We decided to get there for 1.30pm instead of 1pm meet up time, plus I was running late as it was.

I ate my breakfast while checking various subscriptions from Youtube and posting another status updates on Facebook. My finger tips were so sore, I had worn the layer of skin off of them. They were so red and sensitive, it was hard to even hold the warm toast without it feeling like it was acid burning into my skin. I got my act together by packing my bag, having a shower and a shave and then going to toilet, only to my horror to find all the water to coming up to the rim and not flushing! I had seemed to blocked the toilet, much to my amusement from taking a dump!


Pabzz – Precision.


I arrived in town at ten past one and wasn’t that late much to my surprise – everyone else was already there and waiting. We made our way to New Houses area. On the way we were greeted by Yaz who had just gotten off the bus and was walking down past Plaza. I began to stretch when we got to our first location – my muscles ached and felt tight. I started skipping to try to warm up and ease my aching muscles. Yaz was wearing his old school red t-shirt which he used to wear when he first started training. It was different to see him in it rather than his bright Orange T-shirt he always wore.

We did various vaults over the small walls there and took some photography. People were drilling Kongs and 360 Wall Hops. At one point, Yaz suggested precision jumping down and skipping the first level of the wall to land on the second lower level. He did it after a test jump then went for it and landed it OK. When I asked about where he had taken off from, he told me to test it and then do it as it plays with the mind. I decided to instead do it and as I did, Yaz got a picture of it. Paul was next to try to succeed in doing it.


Reece – 360 Wallhop.


James arrived at the jam late as always, he never is one for being on time. We all decided to move down to Houses for some more training.We did the usual movements available there and whatever else we fancied practising. Myself, Yaz and Paul decided to do the Catleap from the bottom of the stairs to the rail rather than, the wall for an added challenge. It made it seem more like a similar level Catleap than anything and you had to jump more at an angle or curve as you jumped in the air.

We moved round the corner to High Pavement. I noticed while being on the wall, that the step up we used to trick from, had once again been destroyed. This sometimes happens when people train there in the week and the place is open but the security then moves or destroys it. This doesn’t happen at the weekend. We drilled the various Precisions and Catleaps, which Paul in the end gave a few attempts at, only to hit the floor after hitting himself on his side as he grabbed the wall. He also twisted his ankle on the second try which put him out of training for the rest of the day.


Random Shot.


Disheartened with the area, we trained various things on the way through Trent Uni. At one point, we all got up on a rail and balanced along the rail as we walked. Which proved to be a challenge for some who did not have great balance. We came to a set of rails and started to do Vaults and Precisions on them. I decided to work more on my Rail Precisions and to try to stick them. Moments later, security came along and said that he had been watching us on CCTV and sadly due to health and safety reasons had to move us on. Although, he was hoping for one of us would bail so he could put it on youtube, you been framed or something. It was said jokingly and on that note, we moved down the road.

On the way myself and Yaz practised a Precision, which James had a look at and decided it was too far for him to do. We took pictures of the precision with Yaz lying in the road and trying not to get ran over in the process! Once at Flats, we sat on the various rocks there to eat our food and we talked about Pokemon, the films and Dragon Ball Z. We were all feeling pretty tired now and unmotivated for training. We began to do some of the Precisions there. Not long after, people started to have a berry fight, picking them off the nearby tree and throwing them at everyone and Yaz who was up in the same tree.


Yaz – Precision.


We thought we may as well move to another area and came to stop at Epic Wall. Everyone had a go at scaling it, with various failed attempts and determination to get it! James got it in the end, as did Will and Adrian after much persistence. It was fun watching people progress and get close to getting it then failing and trying it over and over again. Yaz spanked my ass as he walked past while I was having a drink. I decided to take my revenge when he was watching people pop up the wall, as he was not paying attention to where I was, I hit him so hard he jumped around in pain saying it hurt so much! At one point, Yaz decided to lower his hand down over the wall to help pull Titch up and over the wall.

We walked back into town and spoke about many things which had us in stitches. Things like; James being Mr instantaneous, life of the internet, google and other internet related sites, which have gown to what they have become today! Over all, even being as tired as we were it was another great days training. Pictures can be seen below.


Pabzz – Dash Vault.


Zade (Me) – Precision.


Pabzz – Portrait.


Zade (Me) – 360 Wallhop.


James – Portrait.


James & Zade (Me) – Portrait.


James – Portrait.


James – Portrait.


James – Standing Tall.


Pabzz – Thumbs up.


Zade & Yaz.


Pabzz – Reverse Vault.


Pabzz – 360 Wallhop.


Zade (Me) – Precision.


James & Adrian.


High Pavement.


Yaz – Precision.



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