David Belle – Parkour.

I had just been browsing Facebook when all of a sudden I started to see links to a new video of David Belle cropping up! ‘could this be’? I thought to myself. I was excited as much as I was when I first saw the BBC advert and the Jump documentaries.

I clicked on the link and waited for it to load, then watched eagerly…



I agreed with all which being said by Belle, I liked how the video was shot and it was good to see some up to date Belle in action. The choice of location Lisses filmed differently so it was not the same as the rest of videos out there previously was also a refreshing change!

Even if Belle didn’t do anything big which some people might have expected to see from him. I still respect him for all he has done within the pk community and making us aware Parkour in general. Like all the other original french guys, they have reframe from doing crazy movements and are now more focused on  educating others, staying safe, having strong bodies and minds and practice more technical things to be able to keep the same fitness well into old age.

If I am honest I don’t like how all the acrobatics, media, big impressive moves for show have had an impact how pk/movement is today! It has evolve so fast and is still ongoing!

The one thing which threw me about this video was the end advertising a beard trimmer!?

I thought Belle would be against advertising a brand now days, I thought he was through with doing video projects and tried to remain out of the limelight?

This also makes you think is the whole concept of Parkour which he is talking about focused more on precision and being precise to emphasize the product or did they just use that as a unplanned coincidence?

I also noticed Belle wore the same sort of clothes he has in past videos which was iconic and fitting.

On a less serious note when I saw the ending for the beard trimmer I thought ‘What the hell? :o I have a beard! :D Although, why would I need this product!? I already have a beard trimmer’! 8O


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