Lenton Walk About.

Today was the usual training wise, meet up with all the people, lots doing tricking all day and doing the same old routines over and over again which was disheartening. I got T-shirts printed then returned to the group. Me and Yaz felt really drained by the whole day and then just after it rained we was thinking of calling it a day then we found a few new things to do which then led us to train even more things which were new.

In the end only being me and Yaz we decided to branch out to the outskirts of Nottingham and really explore some places we not visited for a long time and even look for new ones. Once at a new area we were drilling rail precisions, vaults, k2p’s and all sorts. We then walked into an area which was an estate we had never seen before and had so much potential to train.

We trained some big Arm Jump from a wobbly rail to a walk which at first glance didn’t even look possible until we put full effort in to really reach it. The day just kept on getting better with finding more areas.  At the end of the day when we decided to walk back to town it took a full 25mins to get back into town we had gone further then we imagine on the walking front.

Some pictures from the awesome days training below from me and Yaz.

Zade - Arm Jump 180 Precision.


Yaz - K2P.


Zade - Arm Jump.


Yaz - Arm Jump.


Zade - Arm Jump.


Yaz - Rail Precision.


Zade - Precision.


Zade - Precision.


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  1. 1 richards July 10, 2011 at 15:27

    Observe your movement when you walk and run, when you are training Parkour. Start small and observe how you land from jumps.

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