Npk – Dirty Tricker t-shirt.

This is the tenth Nottingham Parkour [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] t-shirt. Obviously very similar or opposite to the Original Traceur t-shirt. I thought if I’m doing one, I cannot be biased and not do one for the other side of the argument. So this is one for the Trickers and Freerunners. I changed the original part to dirty, along with replacing the smooth style, no added tricks with pure aesthetics, show off style, with added flips and twists. As that is what people who trick do technically adding unneeded flare to movements within Parkour training.


Dirty Tricker Design.


I think out of the whole community only one person had this t-shirt and that way for the fun of it. It looked great on a purple t-shirt and with it being so different is most definitely a talking point for anyone that may read it while out training, or flipping. Below is a close up of the shirt. Whether other people in the future will have the t-shirt is yet to be seen.


Dirty Tricker.



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