Npk – Original Traceur t-shirt.

This is the ninth Nottingham Parkour [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] t-shirt. Now this design came after I had originally seen a similar t-shirt, from the York group I believe. I always wanted one, but wasn’t able to get hold of one and so I came up with this design. Very similar, but with my own tweaks to the design. It always reminded me of some orange juice (Tropicana cartons) label, I’m not sure if that was the intention? Either way it was funny, and no doubt why the whole t-shirt as a pun is great.


The Original Traceur Design.


During the whole Parkour Vs Freeruning debate of 2006, well I say that year but it’s lasted (forever) onwards and still is a touchy subject for many even now, after many years. It is a subject which always rears it’s head again, in some form, from time to time. So for people who wanted to damn the those that did flips and show they could and do train without throwing in tricking in their training. This was a good the choice of t-shirt for them, to support the dying breed of pure practitioners.

I remember wearing the t0shirt and many always saying it looked more like a supermarket working shirt, maybe ASDA due to the green. Either way I still like the concept behind the tee and do wear it at times, although being on a white t-shirt makes it not the best while I train, forever getting grubby. If I had the choice to get another one, I would have the design in orange on a gray tee I think.




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