Project Npk : Nottingham Movement.

Over the past few months I have been putting together on and off sequences of footage from Npk, Gathering and creating various runs when the weather has been good and when enough people have been out.

I’ve been collecting footage since last year and well into this year. I didn’t think the project would get finished in the end, what with the good weather soring through I was able to get it all finished for people who were eager to see it.

The title of the video is ‘Project Npk : Nottingham Movement.’ Originally the idea was to have it all filmed with one take only. Although in the end it was better to film the whole run in one take but in different angles too and merge them all together for better viewing.

I know I will and have gotten stick about having that second title in there, Alas I didn’t want to spend any more time changing the title and exporting it all again.




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