A Summer Feeling day, with April Showers.

Today it was a very warm Saturday and people were all out in full force. So many out training due to the good humid weather. I managed to film the last two runs for the 2011 video [1] to be complete. At one point in the day it looked as if it was going to rain even though it had been predicted not too, we kept training them it really chucked it down and we had to take shelter for that heavy summer feeling rain. Making our way back into town from Forest, taking shelter in the form of anything we could get. Making it a game to try and not get too wet from it all. Though many of us were already drenched.

Spending our time sheltered at the Arkwright Building and speaking about random stuff, worrying that it might not dry but within twenty minutes it was dry as a bone again. Like it has never even rained. I didn’t take too many pictures, if at all and just focused on filming and training instead. Though while it rained we did watch the footage I had taken, and Yaz was busy trying to familiarize himself with my camera and taking photos. As he wanted to get one of his own in the future, not too sure what to get. Still it was nice to see a few shots which he had taken.




Rainy Times.


Drying Out.


Parkour Joggers.



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