An Evening of Training.


Yaz – Portrait.


It would seem the heat wave continues… I was busy for the most part of the day until Yaz popped up on Facebook chat and asked if I wanted to come out and train. I replied ‘yeah sure, although its a bit late isn’t it now?’ to which his reply was nope and that we should meet at say three?! I agreed and got ready, trying to get other people to come out with the short notice too, unsure who might be free and up for it as well. Once in town it was only Yaz, Stefano and myself who were out. We jammed Plaza, trying different runs and linking movements together while trying to see things in a different perspective. We all wanted to do things differently to the normal movements practised day in day out at Plaza, it was starting to lose it’s appeal to me now.

We decided to go to some places we hadn’t visited in a long time, one of those places was an alleyway just off from the Market Square. We never train there, or at least haven’t done in years. We started by looking at a running cat off a small bollard, which proved more tricky to do mentally then anything else.It wasn’t far, but it was the rounded top of the bollard, making you think you might slip off it, that and it wasn’t very high from the ground, not enough for a proper step up so you have to almost do a mini lunge before you jumped off it, most annoying. We moved near some of the bins (which stunk) really badly since the last time I was here and then we did a catleap on the nearby wall.


Stefano – Running Catleap.


Stefano said he felt like he might get injured from it and just as he did it, he got an ankle breaker as he thought there was a nail on the wall when he landed. Which turned out to just be a stone after checking what it was. Yaz did the same catleap after it had been checked and low and behold got an ankle breaker injury too. Now, what are the chances it would happen to me too? I mean I was worried about it now, I still went for the catleap and did the exact same thing! (I guess we all put more power then was needed to make sure we didn’t undershoot it). We then tried another bigger running cat  from a smaller bollard to a lower wall before moving onto another area.

Adams Building was the next choice. We were drilling flags and then spent most of the time talking, all twinged ankle wise and injured. Deciding maybe we should go home and call it a day before anything else bad happens. As we walked down the road, we saw and had forgotten about all the scaffolding in Hockley until we re-saw it while walking past. We decided to do laches and muscle ups before walking up an alleyway and noticed a standing catleap and drilled that too. In the end we decided to walk on the outskirts of town and do a lap around Snienton market then back into town in aid of finding new locations. As we were walking around we turned a tight corner and bumped into Danno, before calling it and night and heading home.


Stefano – running Catleap.



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