Birmingham Freemove Parkour Roadshow.

It was an early start to the day with a slight delay due to Max’s train being delayed from Derby. We all waited up in James’ apartment until Max had finally arrived in Nottingham. Time was getting on and we were heading off later than planned due to the delay. With Max finally with us we set off to Birmingham, all excited and psyched for the day ahead… Well at least once the Satnav got into sync that is, it was having problems and we started to joke we wouldn’t get there at this rate if this is out luck.

To pass the time while travelling, we spoke about various subjects. How the event might be, the people who might attend, what the park will be like when we got there, what moves will be done on the park and the attitudes of the people who are there. We all hoped for the weather to hold out for the event with it being predicted to rain later on.

Slightly later than planned we drove into the car park, where we were met by a person asking if we were here for the Freemove event and if so to travel around the back where the event was being held. As we drove round we saw the the set up of the mobile park in the car park and our intical tho8ughts were ‘Is that it?’ A harsh statement, I guess none of us had any idea of what to have expected. We then headed into the building where the meeting was being held about what to expect from the day ahead of us.

Once that was done we were free to leave and check out the park and play around on it, along with getting a free Freemove T-shirt. I stood back and spoke with the others who I had came with and watched everyone who seemed to be as hesitant as we were to using the park. After ten minutes everyone had got into the swing of things and were training on the purpose build park, chatting to one another and swapping training techniques.


Me & Daniel.


It was I will admit rather crowded with so many at the event, you had to queue to use sections of the park and take turns. Myself and Yaz spent most the time on the bars doing muscle up variations due to that is what we liked to do for workouts and some others joined and asked how to do the more unusual variations.

It was cool to see Daniel training at the park to, flowing with ease with everything he did, so effortless! When it was the lunch break he did spend some time with people to speak about training and his experiences.

It was a small park but had lots to do on it, we could not all practice runs due to the masses of people who attended. It was awesome to meet a lot of people that I would have not met before had this event not been on. It was also great to see how other people trained and just interact with everyone. :D


A video of the day is below by Ash Evsy.


Manchester news piece on the park.


Freemove parkour Roadshow Spring.


Southend Roadshow.



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