Lack Of Photgraphy.

What with all the photographers coming along to the main Saturday jams and taking photos. It has really made me want to start taking photographs again! It would seem the last time I took some was way back in July 2010 according to my folders of Parkour. I guess I stopped taking photos due to the lighting not being good enough during winter, Feeling more like filming and the fact my two sets of batteries had started to die. (Which I had since like 2005).

All excuses put aside I have been looking at photos from other photographers and thinking about my own angles and pictures I could get of the Npk community. We have a vast amount of new areas which I can use to capture good pictures. I really do want to get a proper semi-professional or even a professional canon camera in the future when I can find one for the right price!

As of today I have two sets of new rechargeable batteries and charger, the batteries are more powerful then before so all going well these too will last me many years.

I have missed taking photos as I have been mainly driven to take film more then anything and to produce videos. It will make a change to be taking some photography this Saturday, if weather is nice. I guess I am also sorry to all whom are accustomed to viewing my work and have not had any new material for so long!


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