Thumb Dislocation.

On Wednesday the 23rd March, while at gymnastics in the evening, I was doing the usual flipping around for the first hour as I always do.  Then Dmitrij and I were trying cartwheel-side-flips on the floor a few times. When I attempted one, I went to grab my knee to tuck and I somehow managed to miss. My fingers connected and went around the front of my knee, whilst my thumb hit full impact with my knee cap. My thumb cracked loudly and bent the wrong way on impact. It wasn’t until I had landed that I shot up shaking my hand due to the pain and my thumb so numb that I realised I had done something to it. I put it between my legs with having a numb feeling in it and severe pain at the same time. It looked like it had been bent the wrong way and so with it between my legs, I used the other hand to grab hold of the thumb. With my index finger and thumb on the other hand and pulled the injured thumb forwards making it crack again and instantly not feel as much pain as before.

I went and put it under the cold tap for a bit before sitting most of the session out and being annoyed with myself. I did a few things later on like cartwheels, which seemed to make it feel a little looser and crack again. I stopped and stuck with a few fronts and backs where I didn’t have to fully use tucking tight.

Later that night when I got home it was already rather sore to move it and swollen. I decided against going to the hospital as waiting in QMC takes at least 6+ hours before you are even seen which I could not be doing with. Even though it was throbbing how a broken bone does, I just hoped it wasn’t broken otherwise it might cause me more complications.  With this on my mind I decided to go to sleep.

The next morning, it wasn’t throbbing with pain –  it just felt very sore and stiff to move. It was impossible to grasp anything and even trying to do everyday things was painful. I never realised how much you use your thumb for day-to-day chores. Later that night, some bruising had started to come out on my thumb. I kept stretching it and moving it to help it to not become stiff.

When I was pressing the thumb and moving it around checking it over, I managed to semi-dislocate it which made me panic. I held my hand out in front of me and pulled the thumb down slowly to which, I felt both the knuckle joints part with a suckling noise before I stopped using force instantly and it went back together.

At the present day the bruising has came out in lovely colours of yellow and brown. Each day it becomes easier and doesn’t hurt as much and day-to-day chores were easier to do as the swelling had gone down a few days later.  I still find it difficult to practice Parkour mainly with Arm-jumps as they have direct impact to the under thumb area, which hurts. Controlled force is fine such as holding a handstand, doing a kong to precision, muscle ups etc.

I’m sure given another week or so, it will be right as reign. I’m just keeping off it and making sure to exercise it regularly to keep it from hampering me too much. I just hope I don’t land on it any time soon or I’ll be back to square one!


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