Npk – Roadkill t-shirt.

The eighth [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] Nottingham Parkour t-shirt design. I have recently been trying to create a new t-shirt for the community to wear, after the ever so popular Splat design which is worn by many and has so far been the most popular Npk t-shirt to date. I’m overwhelmed by just how well perceived it was at the time and how popular it has become overall. I don’t think I have ever had any expectations to ever top that design if I’m honest. No matter how many times I spent in Photoshop trying to mimic and create designs, nothing came out as well or close to the ‘Splat’ design.

I decided to go for another grunge and urban style design. This time I wanted to use the letters Npk which we us abbreviate Nottingham Parkour too. I wanted the letters to be worn and damaged and so I began to distort the letters. The first thought was a giant tyre mark across all the letters. But that seemed to be too basic or didn’t fit with what we practise.  After weeks of tweaking and adding different tears and paint splats I gave up on the idea entirely!


Npk – Roadkill Design.


I came back to it weeks later and started to warm to the design more and decided to post up the prototype to see what others though of the design, thinking it would not get much attention at all. How wrong was I, it had the total opposite affect with people really loving it and wanted to order one already! That took me by surprise, could this be a new favourite? I carried on tweaking the letters, adding paint drips, a space invader and some other hidden things within the design. The scratch marks on the letter N came much later, as you’ll see some of the earlier ones didn’t have that.

Fast forward a few months since and I have to say, even though it went into printing from the end of January, the result has been overwhelming. I would say it has easily taken over the ‘Splat’ design in popularity. Many people are wearing it, at training sessions there were sessions where nearly everyone was wearing a Roadkill t-shirt! Though, that could be down to the recent influx of new people to the Npk community. I think that has also increased the success of this design. It’s nice to see such a wide range of colours for the Roadkill design too, with everyone wanting to have their own individual colour to be unique.

I know many people have spoke about how it makes us feel more of a community when we are all wearing an Npk t-shirt. It gives people something to feel apart of and supports what they practise and the community too. I guess once this design becomes less popular, much like the Splat one has now. I will no design try and make a new design for the community further down the line. Below are many images of the design, in various colours.




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