Hard, Wet, Hell Night.

Tonight I can honestly say has been the most intense hell night ever! I’ll start at the beginning…

The night had a good amount of people who I was expecting to come out as the night went on it started to rain I put on my waterproof coat and headed out of the house not to sure who would turn up in this horrid weather.

On the way into town on the bus I got a call from Sam asking if I was still turning up to which I replied yesh and he said he will definitely be out then.

I arrived early for once as opposed to being bang on time, I took a seat on the wooden plant pot and looked at my phone. I waited for others to arrive with every minute that passed I started to wonder if anyone would!

People passed me walking, sight seeing, on their way home from work all staring at me wondering why I was just sat there. Even joggers came and went.

After quarter of an hour Zain turned up not looking best pleased knowing full well the events of the night, shortly after Sam came then later followed by James. We started the jog route around amphitheater down and up a steep gradient of steps which were a real killer on the all so sore already legs.

Once back at the meet point we continued to stretch out and get ready for all the various torturing exercises, with the weather being so wet and rainy it made everything harder to do. everyone’s morale was at an all time low so we really had to push through that feeling and get on with the task in hand.

With all the slight smiles people were forcing out and the small laughter were to mask the pain of the night. Thew wetter we got the harder it made it the colder we got and the more we wanted to just give up and go home in the warm.

I shall not go through all the exercises of Hell Night just put on some funny points.

  • At one stage we were sliding all over the place from how wet it was while doing press ups to everyone amusement.
  • Further along the course we all really needed a piss to which we had to pop into a garden of an abandoned house to releave ourselfs before carrying on.
  • Zain looked rather tired and kept sitting down and saying he can’t carry on.
  • James was in La La Land saying it feels like he was not even doing anything merely just watching us all doing everything.
  • James giving up on the backwards stair crawl and just laying there for a while to recover.
  • On the baby walking up and down 2 sets of steps all of our legs just giving up and laughing about how we could not go any more and lifting our legs up to keep going until we had finished.
  • Me nearly throwing up when I bent down to get a drink from my bag after drinking lots and lots already.
  • everyone’s dismay at doing the arm jump at houses then shimming along with a climb up then a hip shimmy back.
  • The last leg of the course trying to do all the different forms of animal walks before collapsing on the floor in a heap.

These sort of nights will only get worse from now on seeing as autumn and winter are set to kick in. I expect many more to not attend as the nights get darker and more cold.


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