Project Parkour Nottingham.

I have recently been thinking of a new creative video for Parkour Nottingham. In the past I have thought about creating a documentary although this requires a tremendous amount of choreographing and planning. I’ve always done regular videos of single movements and behind the scenes videos.

Now I have decided to go back to the roots of Nottingham and do some shots which have multiple people in them doing things with the added power of panning the camera during the same time.

I have already pre-planned the locations and the shots and how things will work for the days filming. The next stage is getting everyone organized for the shoots in various areas, that will be the fun part! I can just see it now people getting in shot or out of shot at the wrong times as well as colliding with other people an just total chaos.

The next few weeks will be futile for this project to go under way and the weather should be kind to us with sun to make the footage look nice. I shall keep this blog updated with updates so this weekend will be week one!


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