Parkour / Freerun parks.

There is increasing talks about these and various ones poping up in some places. I think they are a good idea if made correctly and not some cheap ass version from someone who has no idea about parkour / freerunning.

The one I really like is the first park ever made called Streetmovement park in Gerlev Denmark. Video below. This part is pure concrete which should be easier to build and it caters for everything I mean a sandpit would have been a bonus. If one was to be built in Nottingham or anywhere in the Uk it would be awesome!


The closest thing built in the Uk that I know of at the moment is the Leicester one which over all does not look as amazing as it was meant to be. Everything looks pretty close together plus it’s miles out of Leicester where another freerun group live rather then being more in the city centre. Videos provided below.


The second park made was in Copenhagen Denmark. Vid & Picture below this one has gone over board and is really amazing with everything there not to mention the pure scale of the park! They are really lucky to have not just one but two parks!



I really do hope someday there will be more popping up all over for people to practice I mean in a lot of way it’s only like the recent workout parks cropping up all over the Uk. Plus a Parkour park would get used just as much as a workout park if not more.


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