Parkour walkabout.

So today me and James met in town to do some training in town. It seemed rather quiet on the bus going into town due to the England match the streets were quiet and the police force out at all the pubs and venues showing the match. I met with James then  met up with  Ryan, Will & Webster in Game to train for a bit we walked to the canal area to which we passed all the England supports and could hear the cheers when england scored.

We moved further down the canal area doing 180 Arm jumps on the small walls as well as the precision to the wall from the path. After a bit we moved to the tic tac cat near Castle Marina on the main road. James did it fine the first time then there after he couldn’t do it when he wanted to get it on film. It reminded me of when he was trying it with Jp one evening.

I had a go hoping my wrist will be okay and did it rather easy and drilled it a few more times for film. James tried no end with lots of bails on camera and giggles from the rest of us.  The streets so bear felt really odd with only 1 or two people passing by, at one point a mixed race girl asked us if we had a lighter to which she thought we would not. Then Webster said Ryan doe and he gave her a lighter.

She said she had just finished work and with so little people about could not get a light. Once she had got her fix for smoking she  told us to have a good day and not to get injured.  James then got up to the wall to do the precision to which a passing police car slowed down and said to get down.

We walked back into town to IBM area with all the precisions to practice while I was drilling the plant pot precisions I noticed all the drunks were now walking about seeing as the england game had finished. Two came pass asking if it was free jumping we were doing Parkour and Freerunning all that crazy shit and who can do a backflip.

They then watched for a bit talking rubbish and saying what can we do, I did the bigger plant pot precision near the corner to which they looked shocked and said that was rather decent fucking hell! They then asked about jumping from other points or would that be too difficult. We spoke to them for a bit they also told us how England lost the match… No surprise really England are shit and will never win the world cup in my opinion.

Myself and James then jogged it down to Arboretum and checked out if the new precision was still there to which it was with more things being made like the few new walls and steps. Hopefully the walls will not change too much and be useful for Parkour.

Over to the girls high School, here we practiced some  flow on the rails trying to make a long run up to be executed flawlessly. It proved really difficult and had to be creative with ideas to use everything.  It was really hot, so as we rested  I suggested we should walk home and train all the areas we see everyday going past on the bus but never train them.

We begun to walk down past the Forrest and decided to take a lot at the unused car park place.  Here there were small Arm Jumps, precisions then a bigger standing precisions and running precisions upwards. I drilled the downwards precisions a good few times and looked at the running upwards one. To the back of us was a guy who was lighting a cigarette he was watching what we were doing then came over to us.

He was tall had a black walking stick with short cut hair and ginger stubble he started to talk to us about Parkour Freerunning and how he used to practice it until he climbed up a wall and a massive concrete slab fell on his foot and broke it. He was on about how he Dj’s and spoke about the Freemasons and seemed pretty off his head even so it was a rather pleasant if not funny chat we had with him before he said goodbye and moved on.

On the way walking to a roof precision we always saw but could never do due to it being really mossy and wet normally we passed a group of young kids hanging about a bar which had a small drop and could be used for an under bar. To my amazement this is exactly what they were practicing apart from one kid that had a phobia of doing it over the drop, and so the other kids were teasing him. I said to James ‘I’m not surprised they don’t know we are traceurs’

Once at the area with the roof precision James got up to have a look it was a nice decent distance being nine and half-foot with big drops either side of it. The walls were so dusty and slippy hardly grippy even with my brand new trainers. There was a woman on her phone who had pulled in to speak on it, she sat watching us as she spoke to whoever it was on the other end.

We decided to call that one a day and come back next time to see if it had changed at all plus the sun was going to be setting soon and we had so much more left to do! Up the next side road there was a big standing cat from a wall to a higher wall I got James to do the Am Jump and get it on film once he climbed up he precisions to the tree stump just below the other side.

Across the road we went to a fence that we had to climb on to do an arm jump which felt so unstable being a mesh fence the arm jump was nice to execute and the wall was so good for grip. A granny was watching and smiling as we practiced, We then used a lamppost for a 180 arm jump and practiced this a few times.

Closer to home we went to an Arm Jump I have always seen and yet never tired.  It was a side road into some form of office and the wall you use for a take off was of someones garden. The Arm Jump wall had slippy plastic on the top as well as the walls over all grip being next to none. I got up and did the Arm Jump which felt more like a same level when you do it, the walls grip was shocking and I slid down controlled and then had to push up harder and use mainly my arms for the climb up.

James did it and we both filmed each other, however on one of the takes we noticed the wall moved when I stood up on it and even more so when I took off it. It seemed to be not even cemented properly to the house wall so with this we decided to  move on.

We walked up to the k2p which was high but looked doable to which we had not got the energy to even try so left that for a future trip to do. Over to Co-operative where there was a few precisions from an electric box to a jaggered wall we did this precision and back to the box before going to another precision from a black bin to a wall before calling it a night as the sun was setting fast and we were very tired. Over all it was a rather awesome days trip about local areas.


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