Video Releases.

It has been a few days since I last posted about the progress of the videos, well I have finished both videos now and are viewable on YouTube & Vimeo channels. I am really pleased with the way I filmed for these videos with different creative angles rather than the average side full view shot. Which is rather boring to watch over multiple times on videos and so I was stuck in similar editing and filming style.

This time round it feels more fresh watching the videos due to the angles, I would say I still need to work on more creative angles and further my filming skills. It seems to get more difficult to find the right sort of music for the videos seeing as most dnb, dub step & rap songs have been used so it’s more about trying to find original music and things that are not so public and well-known.

With the Spring Time training ’10 video I enjoyed making a little intro of some of the clips of people messing about, bailing and just having fun to give it a feel of Npk jams. I also included a few new more local area’s into the video. to keep things more fresh than the same old ones in town.

While editing the 30th May Training ’10 video I went for something a little different music wise and used a song from a computer game for ones that recognize it, it is from wipe out. ;) This video was just a days training and shows what we got up too as well as a bit of a mess about. The pile up being a main feature in the middle of the video.

Npghey ’10 was fun to make I experimented a bit with trying to make a 3D title, I am still learning it in premiere. The same goes for AF before I even start to use AF and import them in. Some of the bails were fun to see and put in. I really liked the mini intro I made too it felt so nice and a good way to start the video off.

For newer videos I shall try to focus more on flow and filming in multiple angles the movements although this will take more time and effort choreographing wise it will look much smoother and offer a different style of Npk video.






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