A Video Realization.

So I decided to check my camcorder to see the footage which I had got from Sunday’s amazing session… now bear in mind since about January I have filmed little bits here and there and thinking I’ll leave it until I have more before looking through my camera and putting together a video.

By this time I had totally forgot how much I had collected over this time period and may I say its lots! So today I have captured it all on to my HD ready for editing in Premiere Pro when I have time :D

Going through it all back dating is a real eye opener and brings back so many memories at the same time. I have laughed at half the stuff I have captured in video form.

So over the next coming weeks some videos shall appear for all to watch I just hope I can edit them in a different way to the norm that I usually do. The angles are different and not so like me so it should be fun at least to see.

I have really been enjoying my training and filming as of late, It’s great to train with new and old faces as well as seeing the new idea’s out there from the newer ones to training.

I hope this feeling lasts more then usual. I have times much like in a relationship where I love and hate Pk it comes and goes but is always there at the end of the day and the love never diminishes.

Below is a picture of a clip in Premiere and so is just a taster of what I am up to, A day well utilized for video capturing.


Pile on.



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