Recent findings.

I had a mass email a few weeks ago informing me and all other Parkour communities about the new PKVM whom have became active online once again. They did a few of these PKVM (Parkour Video Magazines) years ago then all of a sudden they stopped and everything went quiet.

I am pleased t hear it has come back, seeing as when it was last active years ago it was thoroughly enjoyable to watch. Below are the videos from the old PKVM’s they did all those years ago which I have found are still uploaded online. For people who have not seen them before have a watch and enjoy. :D

Jason was the host of these video magazines and can be found currently doing other projects like Freemove.

Episode One. This Ep was all about TCT (The Cambridge Traceurs) Members (Owen, Jin, Liv & Ross) who are widely known by many from the early days of Parkour. Although that gorup dispersed over time and now they are inactive, or doing there own projects. You can fine Jin still active via his YouTube and Blog.



Episode Two. Had Next Generation (NG, Nxt Gen) in it who are very young in this compared to how grown up they are now.



Episode Three. Which is about the Sayian Clan.



EpisodeĀ  Four. The last which was about Team Traceur.




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