Npk – Ink Face t-shirt.

The sixth [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] t-shirt for Nottingham Parkour. A different design, from graffiti, grunge used on splat design. While using various brushes in Photoshop to make the paint splatters, this is one that was within a set. It didn’t have any relation to the brush, but thought it was a nice silhouette with the face and so I decided to enlarge and add the Nottspk text to it and the web address too.


Ink Face Design.


So this was a design, that pretty much happened all on it’s own. It didn’t need too much tweaking either, although being a face silhouette, it didn’t work as white. So it had to be either black or coloured, which was odd, but never mind. So far, only a couple of people have had this design, due to it no doubt not being so Npk-eske as such to represent Parkour. Below are some images of the two shirts I have of the design.




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