Kezza Sampler.

I have edited and uploaded the Kezza sampler to YouTube. I am rather pleased of the end result of the video, it started out at like fifteen minutes when I had put all the clips on my timeline.

I had to then cut it down and it was still at least eight minutes and I thought to myself ‘this is going to be one long video!’ Again some more cutting and I got it to just under four minutes.

I struggled mainly with getting music for this video, also I had to include a track Kezza wanted which is the second one played in the video by Mt Eden. At first I thought it might not go with his style of Freerunning but in the end it fits rather nicely.

Kezza has come along way since first training with Npk many years ago and now just look at him and how far he has come. anyways enough talk watch the video to judge for yourself.


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