Tricking & Teaching.

So today was Me, David, James & Marshen at the golf course to improve or tricking skills new or old. We started off at the bottom of the golf course where there was various heights of the bunker to do flips off into nice soft sand.

David’s fronts are really beautiful as in the height he can get and the way he can control his rotation so slow too! It makes you rather envious of his technique and question your own.

I have recently been trying to alter my back tuck technique to get max height and delay the tuck for perfect landing. This in it’s self is very hard to do when you have old habits and bad habits at that. trying to rid all of these and get only the good ones into your mind is a hard process.

I had forced James into doing a back tuck to which he never really wanted to do or was bothered about. After making him do some preps for ages he decided to man up and take a courage pill and go for one spotted by me and David.

When he want for them the first few were low but good technique. His other attempts were really good and high and he also got over the fear more with them too which is good to see :D I am more then sure he shall have them up spotted very soon!

Mid tricking session it decided to piss it down with rain for about 10 minutes to which we hid under the trees until it subsided. and back to tricking we went even when wet the bunkers are still good for training at.

We did some flips just after the rain on the mossy side of the bunker and when we took off our feet went down into the moss and it got ripped it it was very scary indeed, a good job we have such good control though in our body awareness.

Near the end of the day going home we went to the other closer bunker and Marshen wanted to do a last back tuck to which David spotted him and as he jumped to do one he backed out and nearly landed on his head :O


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