Today’s Events.

Today was a rather gloomy day weather wise, with the training session being called off early to the rain. We mainly trained at Crown Plaza when it rained and before then High Pavement tricking again. What little time we did have for training during the dry weather, was good and some captured images are below…


Chaz, Petz & Holbrook.


Parkour Joggers.


Stefano – Palmflip.


Stefano – Palmflip.


Group – Portrait.


Group – Photo.


Azza – A-Twist.


Kezza – Catleap.


Azza – Precision.


Kezza – Gainer.


Kezza – Gainer.


Marshen – Front Tuck.


Stefano – Layout.


Stefano – A-twist.


Azza – Layout.


Mat – Front Tuck.


Stefano – Back Tuck.


Jp – Portrait.


Jp – Wall Loser.



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