Sunday Training.

Not the usual day to be out training and so I didn’t expect many to be up for it, bar the die hard practitioners. The people who attended were David, Petz, Zain, Sam and Macca. The day was good, even if it was still a bit wet from all the previous days rain. We started training at Crown plaza and then quickly moved over to IBM, Houses and finally High Pavement. Being a smaller group the jam was more intense as in what we were practising. We only trained at Plaza while waiting for Macca to arrive, always late to the party, but it wasn’t bad for practising kong precisions.

Later, once the sun had come out and things started to dry out we went over to the Houses area and then High pavement for a spot of tricking.Using a make shift step up, using some old carpet tiles, which acted like a spring board and putting a concrete slab on top of them. It was weird at first to use, but then we all got used to it over time and it was a cool invention. I had seen trickers use them in videos and didn’t think anything of them, until we had our own! We moved back down to IBM area for more training and photography and then back to Plaza before calling it a day.


Sam – Front Tuck.


Sam’s Trainer.


Macca – Portrait.


Sam – Portrait.


IBM Chains.




Hanging Hand.


David – Portrait.


Petz – Portrait.


Sam – Portrait.




A Traceur’s Hand.


Petz – Portrait.


Petz – Front Tuck.


Sam – Front Tuck.


Zade (Me) – Sideflip.


Petz – Precision


Zade (Me) – Portrait.


David – Handstand.


David – Handstand.


Zade (Me) – Precision.


David – Handstand.


Zade (Me) – Precision.



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