Planche Training.

So I have always wanted too and still want to be able to do a tuck planche to handstand and hold other planche variations. So today I have added a little routine for holding  them into my weekly workout routines too see how my progression comes along.

I remember when many years ago I couldn’t even hold my body weight let along a tuck planche and now i can hold one for half a minute if not a bit longer.

So my goal is to get that to a minute long or longer then do an advanced planche and eventually planche press up and straddle planche.

So my workout a the moment looks like this

Fri,  Sun & Tues are my chosen days.

Pre warm up for planche holds.

3-5 sets of 10 second holds.

Tuck sit.
Tuck Planche

Now for the real deal of holding tuck planches.

3-5 sets of 1 minute holds.

Frog Hold.

Tuck Planche.

I know I can hold a frog hold, so doing that increases my endurance on them. Doing the normal tuck planche will help strengthen my body until I can do my sets with ease for 1 minute then I shall move on to the more advanced ones.

As expected this will not come over night and will take months of practicing until it becomes easy so I shall keep my blog updated with my progression.


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