Npk – Jogging Bottoms.


I recently had some gray jogging bottoms with the Npk Broken Text down the right outside leg printed. I must say they came out brilliantly and I really do love them. It’s one thing to see the design on t-shirts but having them on bottoms is even nicer. Not that it’s rarer to see, as many big brands out there have designs down the legs. This design beats the very basic ‘Parkour’ text I had down the leg back in 2006.

I had wanted to get a pair done for some time, but I had to come up with a design I was happy with and the Broken Text was a perfect one to use. I did think about creating something entirely different, but did they really need something fancy and different!? Plus the text follows suite with the t-shirts too. One giant line down the body if you matched the tee with the joggers.

I did wonder whether to make the Nottingham text like the broken Parkour text, but I think then it might have been somewhat overkill. So keeping it basic impact font worked well. Obviously you see and read the Parkour text first with it being bigger and if the Nottingham had been the same text alignment it wouldn’t have worked as well. Below are some images of different colours people have had so far.




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