Wrist Ganglion.



My bones and ligaments have had a tough time of things lately, from over training and minor accidents. All part and parcel of training, which can cause injury to them. My wrist is fast becoming an annoying problem, it constantly hurts and makes it hard to bend the wrist and to hold handstands is impossible and very painful. I’ve even began to get a lump on each wrist, the lump is quite hard though and feels more like my bone. I can’t say I’ve had this before or at least for a long time, since when I was first began training.

After training the Saturday just gone I woke up on Sunday morning with a sore, stiff feeling in my wrist (enter jokes) and it felt like a mild sprain. I could feel it while I was out tricking with Azza later that day when having to throw my arms around before flipping. Come Monday morning I woke up to a paralysed wrist and unable to move it at all due to it being so sore much to my horror. It was a pain that felt like when it was broken or you had just had a plaster caste removed. I did some exercise later in the day gripping my hand tight as possible for 10 seconds then opening the grip and it eased the pain a bit.

Having it still paining me and seeing a rather big lump forming on my wrist I decided to go to the doctors to see what was happening with it, as well as checking on my collarbone injury progression. I discovered my collarbone seems to be completely healed now thankfully, one bonus. My wrist was a ligament sprain hence why it is so stiff from training and probably pushing too much without sufficient rest over time. The lump is a bone cyst, ganglion which might go down over time or remain there always. From past experience the last time it happened it went away over time.

The doctor said it will be better in a few weeks depending how I am with it and if I rest without any further training, and how badly it has been sprained. So time will tell what it wants to do healing wise, it’s not like I will be stopping training any time soon with it! I have been instead of resting, working through the irritation as the more I do rehabilitation and strengthening exercises to the wrist the more it seems to ease off and feel better (Strange I know). I’ll see how it feels during and after the Saturday training session later on in the week.



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