Collarbone Update.

It’s been around a week since I had pulled my collarbone ligament and it seems to have subsided pain wise all together now. Always a good sign, I can only feel it when I stretch my arm across my chest and push. If I were to do a climb up, with my hands on top of the wall lifting my chest up above it, I can feel that it isn’t 100% and gives me a slight pain. Mainly when I have to hold full weight with pressure. I also tried a muscle up today out of curiosity, which resulted in it clicking when I tried the one arm at a time rather than doubled armed.I had to stop as I didn’t feel it was ready for me to carry my weight and pressure.

So it looks like there will be some waiting around until I feel tiptop again.

At least I know that I can do exercises that do not involve my shoulder and I can continue to participate in training sessions, but only doing minor Parkour techniques. I’m fine with all movements on rails and walls (vaulting wise) so I’ll have to stay away from climb-ups and muscle-ups for the time being as well as anything that might use more weight and strain it than normal. So all being well, in a few more weeks and I shall be completely sorted and healed.


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