Christmas Closing in Fast.


Christmas lights.


Christmas is nearly here and I haven’t been posting near enough as I should. The main reason is simple, I don’t have that much to report with it being the winter months. The weather has been bad, The university people are back home for Xmas and the rest have hibernated until the warmer months. It gets dark very early, is constantly raining and it’s so cold it’s enough to freeze you to death. I guess for most people they go into a hibernating stage until the spring when the weather is more reliable and warms up, no one lets to train in the cold, wet and rain.

For the past two weeks I have really found my motivation again and have started to really enjoy training the old school way, such as doing a move multiple times over and over again, refining it until it makes you numb to even think about what you are doing and why. Repetition has always been the key to success and perfection movement wise, the more I put into it now the less I will have to do further down the line. I was surprised with last weeks training session when the heavens opened up and it was throwing it down with rain, not a single person had come out to train, at all! I trained at IBM area alone and shortly after doing my warm up I got a call from the wonder that is Shane who is normally in hibernation until spring and yet he had come out to train, wonders will never cease!

The training in the rain while doing kong precisions (k2p’s) in the wet and other movements reminded me of how precise you have to be in the wet element. If you are not then accidents can happen and you end up failing, slipping and getting hurt doing the most basic of movements. Once back at IBM again, me and Shane did various exercises the old school way mainly drilling climb ups due to everything else being so wet, it was great for the upper body and you had to use the core muscles more than normal to help counter slipping in the wet.


Yaz - Portrait.


A new practitioner called Yaz has come into the Npk scene and I have been helping him with his training, he’s progressing fast! I first met him months ago and back then he was some random guy who came out, watched and tried a few things. He had disappeared for a while but then reappeared months later and ready to train again. We have been out training non stop for a week and a half which has been good training for myself as well as Yaz. It has been a very tiring experience too though, the body is not meant to be used so intensively so much. We made a concious effort to go out each and every day to train even if it was for a few short hours, some days we would be so sore from DOM’s we would only be able to practice upper body movements or do things on a much smaller scale than normal. As time went on the DOM’s only got worse, yet we were still able to do moves which we found hard to do when we were fresh (work that one out). It was a surreal experience but one which can be documented, and I think my body will be glad of the rest now so it can recover.

I want to get back into the habit of doing some home workouts daily as well as doing some Parkour the same way, even if it was for a hour or two at least. It has really reminded me you have to constantly be training in some form to see progression rather than being a part timer. I have some footage for Npghey 6 video, though that wont be in production until a good few months in the future until training and weather has picked up as well as my footage collection of bails and mishaps. I suppose people will have a two week break for Christmas so I’ll blog again when I have some other news worth reporting.


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