Times are Changing…

Changing not in a good way either. You may have noticed in Nottingham that many of the places we have loved and trained at over the years have been demolished completely, or remodernised oh and then some places are now completely off limits, but I’ll discuses more about that later on in the blog. The first and most noticeable change is the gray walls area and the Arkwright building which is currently all fenced off, no way to now gain access to train there and looks like all the buildings are being demolished, for how long this will be happening I have no idea. The plans on the fence show it will be a new building completely when its done. It’s sad, as that had a cool area to train at behind the building, but for the mean time we still have the gray walls, just limited run up due to the fencing.

I really hope that not all our training hotspots will end up in the same situation as the city expands and changes over the years. Otherwise, we will have less and less places to train on if the new locations are not too Parkour friendly. Though, despite all this happening, we have discovered a few newer places to train at. Swings and roundabouts. In other recent new apparently it is off limits to train at Auditorium area now, due to it being so called ‘anti-social’ if you are in that area jumping around, loitering or doing anything which isn’t sitting. All because its private properly, so that is what they are saying and yet, they have a public walk way. It’s not fenced off or enclosed, so how can it be private?!

We have fought and argued about this fact for years now, ever since people first started getting arsey about us being there. Some of the wardens don’t mind us being there, while others are more power tripped and do mind us being there due to all the complaints they get. The Police are find with it, unless they have multiple complaints then it becomes a problem and they have to be seen to be doing something about it. With all this said its a very confused message and everyone, practitioners and residents alike are annoyed as a whole.

If anyone is caught training there now they will be rewarded with an (ASBO) anti-social behaviour order. Though I think that is unfair as what we do is hardly causing harm, damage or anything as dire as what people doing worse things get slapped with ASBO wise. I don’t even think it’s all the residents complaining, perhaps just one or two of the same calling and complaining. That and having the luck of the draw as to weather you get reported or not. So, train at Audo at your own risk people. This is going to make training less pleasurable, being on high alert all the time to move as soon as a warden is to enter the area…


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