Arnold Training and Video.

This week was for many the Halloween half term, trick or treat everyone! The weekend training wasn’t all that great weather wise or training wise either and so there was a plan to train Monday and Tuesday instead. Unusual days for training, but seeing as it was half term, we thought why not and decided to see who would be up for training then. Jp had mentioned we should all train Arnold some time and he would show use around and some of the places near his. With it being a weekday for training, very few would be out and it was the perfect time to revisit the area again. I hadn’t been to Arnold since 2005 [1] when I went and met Adam with a few others and we trained his area of Arnold. The people prepared to come out for this adventure were Ash, Jp, Josh, Tom, Will and myself. It seemed to be the perfect number to train in.

The two day training bender would make up for the lack of training at the weekend. On the first day we started off at Woodthorpe Grange Park, it was a cold morning when we met in town before making our way to the park, it felt like it might be too wet with dew to train, but the sun was shining and hopefully that would warm up as the day went on. We warmed up at a football goal post, running around the field to try and warm up, there was a giant oak tree which some of the guys climbed up. We moved down to one of the golf bunkers to flip into and climb up the trees which had these bumps on, which acted like a climbing wall. While we were there a guy drove into the park on a sidecar motorcycle, it was quite noisy and after he got off he asked if we were the Parkour guys…

I was confused I had, not to my memory never met this guy before, but he knew my name and was adamant he had spoke to me before and the Parkour group, not that I could recall this. We had a good chat with him and training as he wanted to get into it himself. As we were talking his bag which was in the sidecar started to move and jump. What the hell? We thought we were seeing things until Ash told him it was moving and then the man now known as Adam collected his moving bag. He got out two ferrets, which were on leads (seen in the images below) it was so cool and strange to see ferrets, I haven’t seen any in person since I was at school. They were very inquisitive, much like cats and loved hiding in clothing as Ash found out when he held one and it was burrowing in his sleeves of his t-shirt.


Adam & Ferrets.


I had already filmed quite a bit capturing the banter, bails and general vibe of the day. Along with movement and tricking which was going on. Josh had done a really nice run near the giant logs, doing a palm spin up on to one then straight into a sideflip. Jp had ran and front tucked over the log and the rest of us has vaulted and precision jumped them. We moved up to another area, a place with lots of rocks which you could run along. There was a diving speed vault and a kong precision on one of them, which Will wanted to get and we helped spur him on until he got it. We spent a lot of training training there, doing various movements. Oh and I had shot an epic scene of Jp doing a back layout off the garages into the leaves below, it was perfect for an intro.

As well as the garage layout he also did the same  on a gazebo type frame thing too, it felt unstable when he was up there. The two Josh’s flips were really good, Jp could flip over and off most things, with Josh being able to do the same but he preferred sides to fronts or backs. It was then decided we could either walk into Sherwood to another smaller park or we could walk into Arnold. We opted for the latter, training on little spots as we went. Like a precision jump in some driveway on some rocks and to a railing, as we passed some tennis courts. Arnold is a small town centre, much like Bulwell, Beeston and other such places, depending where you are from.



We arrived at another small play park behind The Vale pub where there was a small stream. Which we could precision over, it also had some black railing for training on too. Jp did a front tuck over those, while the rest of us did some precision jumps on them and across the stream. It was quite scary to jump across, even though you wouldn’t get hurt even if you fell in the ankle high water. This area was but one stop, on the way to the actual town centre. Where we walked and reached another area, Arnot Hill Park where we filmed quite a bit more. Though it was now getting darker and harder to see the footage. Doing handstands, flips and diving kongs over the benches there.

We hadn’t even covered all of Arnold yet and there were plenty more places to visit. It seemed like tomorrow would be round two and I hope I wasn’t going to be in too much pain from training today. I forgot when we met and where but we ended up venturing to Jp’s area which had lots of gray walls, brilliant for cats, cat to cats, precisions and other movements. It was in an estate area and made no sense how or why all these random walls were there, there were others which looked like it was going to be demolished, as some wall were broken, along with the benches. We walked through most of Arnold, training at other areas, which were all fresh and great. They even had their own version of a cat alley, which as you can imagine had plenty of cats and precisions. There was so much more done and places visited, it really is hard to document it all here…



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