Zade & Daniel Training.

We have yet more new faces are appearing at the Npk training sessions. As well as this, we have more new faces in the form of university students around the UK who are studying at Nottingham. Training has been going well, the weather has been holding up over Summer. Now that it’s Autumn and the cold and rainy weather is starting to draw in along with the dark early nights. That indicates it will soon be time to condition most of the time at home as well as training at the underground spots more. I do hate this time of year, it’s not as easy to just go out and train, you become more reliant on weather forecasts and pray it doesn’t become a washout.

I’ve recently been training with Daniel (Dan) from Northampton. He’s a cool, small and long haired guy. How he can at times wear glasses while training I have no idea, but without them he would be a mole I guess, unable to see. Lots of great banter is to be had when he gets his ass out (IRL) in real life, rather than being just an internet friend… I know technology (geeky guys) are hermits, but he takes it to a whole other level. I guess I can forgive him, with the few times he does rouse from his cave. We’ve had some fun times at gymnastics and it’s cool to train with him, as I remember him from videos he and his crew put out years ago on Youtube.



It’s always been an inside joke about the two groups as they were called N-PK which was very similar to our own community minus the hyphen, plus we made better videos. Though, I’m sure Dan will disagree, depending on his loyalty. Speaking of videos myself and the bearded one did some filming the other weekend just gone and I’ve created a two day training video of what I filmed. Though I must apologise, as I may have broken Dan’s ass when I made him do a front tuck, though he makes it sound like it was at gunpoint. He was more than happy to do one, but it resulted in a bit of an ass plant and I don’t think his feeble body was ready for that sort of impact to his anus.

Aside from that, we had some good training, creating a bit of flow and a run at Houses. Jumping over rails into precisions, flipping around, strides, slow climb ups and some kong precisions, though Dan does those better than I can. The video can be seen above and I hope to see Dan out more often, but I highly doubt it. Until the next blog… Keep training.


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