Six Months on…

So it’s been six months since my last blog entry, the reason for this is quite simple… I usually go through phases of being into photography or film making and switch between the two quite often than not, though of late I have been very unmotivated for taking photos and so I decided to leave my camera at home each time I went out training. When I used to take the camera out it meant I had to always carry one or both cameras on my person. On some occasions I’d want to train without having to take out my big bag and wanted a break from all the capturing footage, having to sort through the images for myself and others, then having to uploaded them. I have not been feeling Parkour or training too much of late either, I went through a phase of not being inspired or wanting to be out training.

Things had gone stale with my training style and it felt like I was doing the same things in the same places all of the time, creativity is at an all time low. I do admit that I should have carried on taking image throughout the year, I’ve missed so many opportunities and memories to document and in not doing so I regret it! So much time has passed now I can’t even remember most of what has happened through not documenting it via images, videos and the memory fades and rids the unwanted and needed information for more recent ones, those are things I cannot reclaim. I’m inspired for photography now and hope to carry on with it and videos.

The Parkour scene is still flourishing as always, with many new people training, I just need to get back on track with this blog side of things…




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