Npk – Red Vs Blue.

Anyone that is aware of the Red Vs Blue (RvB) video series created by Rooster Teeth Productions will know the concept very well and have an idea how we applied this to our Parkour community. If you are not familiar with the series then I suggest you check out some of the videos via the YouTube channel to have an idea of what I am talking about.


Red Vs Blue.


In short there are two opposing teams of opposite colours, Red and Blue being our desired colours (if you have a big group and want more teams, add extra colours such as green, yellow or whatever colour you like). They are against each other and in our Parkour version, the aim was for the coloured teams to visit certain training areas for a set amount of time and film in those locations to produce a Parkour/Freerunning video of the days training. The people in the team have to wear as much of that colour through clothing to represent the team. The members of the teams were chosen at random by picking names out of a hat to stop preferred friend groups from being together and similar levels of skill. It was luck of the draw as to who was put in which team and with that decision being made they had to work with everyone involved.

After the day of filming is complete, both team captains then have to edit a video of the days training. The community (the ones who did not part take in the event) shall be the ones to watch and judge the videos on editing, skill, angles and which video they think is the best and that leads to one of the teams being crowned the winners.

Some people will say Parkour is NOT a competition and I would normally agree with that statement, but this game was a healthy change to training and added a bit of fun to the day and help people bond as a group as well as progress with moves they might not do at a usual training session for the team video. We all have friends that we train with and that we compare ourselves to whether you want to admit it or not! It’s always there and is human nature and this is no different to being a competition in some ways if not as severe.

Being in the chosen teams had it’s own problems as each team would put themselves under increasing pressure to out do the other team. Wondering what has already been done in the areas and wanting to do things which had never been seen or done before to make their own video stand out. Some barriers were broken with movements too, with people doing things they normally wouldn’t do while out training at a weekend all in aid for the video. The only downside to this team thing would be if people were to be too risky with the things they wanted to do which could lead to injury.

The teams, people in them and videos are below for you to view. Who do you think should have won and why? Which video did you prefer out of the two? What plus and negatives did you have with each video?


Blue Team: Jak, Jiks, Pyro, Andy and Roger.


  • 0:57 The tic tac cat from Pyro near Trent uni was a nice shot.
  • 1:29 The sticker with Red team sucks made me laugh as Andy flagged.
  • 1:52 This was a great scene where they all did movements together in one scene.
  • 2:03 Loved the angle of Andy doing the downwards precision here.
  • 2:09 Again making use of the whole team in one shot doing catleaps was great.


Red Team: Flip, Brownie, Morgan, Ice and Seanno


  • Intro was great, hearing a bit about them and them appearing in shot one at a time.
  • 0:34 A great angle and zoom out to see the movement of the same level catleap.
  • 0:49 Love how Seanno lands with a ninja mask included.
  • 1:17 Great angle of the reverse vault by Morgan.
  • I liked the various shots of them bailing, out takes and messing around included in the video.


They both had different style of videos, levels of skill, angles and so forth in each so it was a tough call over all to judge. I did enjoy watching them both from an outsider perspective for different reasons. The intros were interesting I did, however, prefer the Red Team’s intro more than the Blue’s. Even though there were some similarities between the two videos movement wise like the tic tac cat at the Flats area that featured in both, there were movements which they both did which the other team did not. Both added their own flare to the videos by adding a few shots of random areas (they were allowed to use a few shots of an area of their choice to add into the video to make it their own). I enjoyed Blue Team’s video and felt they used more emphasis on team work with the various scenes with them all in one shot. Although, it didn’t have the same professional feel to the video as the red team did which worked better visually from the editing point of view.


The declared winner. RED TEAM!


It was the Red Team that took the victory over the Blue’s after the community had a vote between the videos. Over all, it was a great project for the community and produced some top work, well worth doing in your own community if you want to do something different and as a one off.



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