Beginners Session.

Seanno and myself decided to do a beginners session one Sunday afternoon, for new people to come out and learn Parkour. Without the whole intimidation of the weekend community session. As that can put many people off, that and it’s at times very busy, lots going on and moving from area to area for people to knuckle down and really get movements learn. The first session, we met up with three keen practitioners, going for a jog to properly warm up. Arriving at our first location, doing some low tech movements. The basic vaults over a small wall, which they all grasped really easily. Because, we’re that good of mentors or they just have raw skills for training.

We went over the importance of drilling the basics, how height drops are not a good thing to do for your joints when starting out. As well as showing them the proper (and different) progression stages of movement as well as even dropping in some conditioning for them to do at home. The day seemed to be a real eye opener for us, as well as for them. It was a great day and everyone learnt something new and agreed it would be beneficial for us to keep these sessions running long term even if it coming up to winter now.



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  1. 1 cheeto October 12, 2008 at 20:18

    >hey, this is cheeto. i am wanting to learn how to parkour or free run. and i am only 12. i need help to figure out what would be easier to start with. and i need help with tips for when i can train in parkour so i can get better.please e-mail me back at

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