29th September 2007.

Today’s training session was a huge success, probably one of the best jams I’ve had in a long time! We seem to get one of these great days every three to four months. So, as you can imagine they are quite rear, but oh so brilliant when they do happen. Everything seems perfect, the vibe of the session, everyone focused in their training , the areas we visit and the movements we practise. On these days we seem to progress and achieve lots too, it must be a vibe thing. You end up going home feeling shattered, full body destruction and then have DOMs for days afterwards. I had a plan, I wanted to film for much of the day again to make another small Npk video after the success of last weeks [1] edit. I was on a roll and wanted to ideally put out a video each week or every few weeks to show what training with the community was like.

It was a one o’clock meet today and we waited for others to arrive while training at Gray Walls. Town seemed pretty busy today, whether that be due to football, cricket or a rugby match. I have no idea, but there were plenty of people out in town. It was quite a small turnout today, as opposed to normal. It did pick up later on when we had a good fourteen people total, though as always it was the Kirkby in Ashfield guys who upped the numbers with the amount in their party that attend training. Bilbie Walk was the net warm up spot, we need to get motivated and inspired, even if it seemed to be a  slow day. We were given some short term giggles when Flip had come back with a mad scientists cloak, which Jak wore and looked funny in with his headgear.



We were talking about U$F’s new tutorial videos and one in particular stood out, the Moonstep Crane. I mean seriously who named that movement and just, why?! It was a movement where you ran and pop vault up the wall and with that same leg landed on the top of the wall. Anyway, this resulted in some of the guys trying it on a window ledge and later with Jak jumping up to the ledge and then doing a back tuck off (seen in the video above) as it was a nice movement and angle. I captured a handshake with Shane which I used for the start of the video along with a portrait of flip on the Bilbie Walk wall. I was shooting short clips, which at the time I didn’t think would make it into the video. We moved up to Chaucer St. Where Jak and Flip said they had spent most of yesterday training on the white railings and doing the strange rolling backwards on them and other spinning combos.

Of course, this spurred us all to try the falling backwards while sat on the railing. It was a horrible, horrible feeling. I couldn’t force to do it, I didn’t want to do it and we had to let people lower us down slowly, then as we got used to it spot less and less. Hesitant was the word to use on how people felt about trying it. I will admit once the fear was gone it was fun to just swing over, even if on a few goes it felt like the head would brush along the floor or you would feel the hair on the grass blades. Some of the guys had moved up to Houses to train and so we moved up to reunite with them, there was some scaffolding on the building now, which provided us with laches and bars to muscle up on. Even though it won’t be there long, it was nice to have to mix up training with.

Pyro had a challenge for us, he proposed that we dead hang on the scaffolding then shimmy around the whole of it, which was around the building. Everyone seemed game for the challenge and we began, lets just say it was difficult and felt like our arms were coming out the sockets and the burning sensation of the forearms was painful. Even though our use of our arms had now been limited it didn’t stop people trying to navigate getting up and on to the scaffolding and how best to move up and down the different levels as fluid as possible. It was then time to visit the Red Rails, a new area just down the road.


Jak – Turn Vault.


The red rails area as it seems to be called now is a nice secluded place behind one of the office buildings and feels very fresh for training. Many movements untouched and so we have plenty to practise and achieve.  So no doubt this area we be trained regularly. It will be interesting in the coming months to see what people come up with movement wise. I do remember an odd conversation with John, about how it’s funny why peoples arms shake while holding handstands. As if they can’t hold the weight and will collapse, or even why they begin to shake in the first place even if you are used to the weight and why it becomes a thing that happens.

I also remember Brownie kicking a wooden fence plank out, which stopped people from going through and in the spur of the moment, creating an underbar for us to do. After much time spent there we headed down to behind the university where all the wooden benches were. Though, it wasn’t long before we got told to ‘stop messing about’  by the bar staff  which sparked a bit of a heated debate between people before we left to train at Flats. As always we came to the kids park and like the big kids we were, we spent time using the park and fooling around. Doing some balancing work on the moving horses and such. I also filmed Phil doing the tic tac catleap for the video too. With a few others trying it, only to land in the throned bushes below…

While we trained further up on the walls doing precision jumps and other movements a very shady car drove up the road, creeping along near us and slowly came to a halt, with a guy in sunglasses, dodgy looking geezer even then asked if any of us wanted his card… If we need any drugs, weed or anything like that, he can get it for us. To which we all just stared at him emotionless, not knowing what to really say and stunned by what was happening. Before he slowly reversed and drove off around the university campus. Maybe we should have asked for some free steroid samples, lmfao!


Zade (Me) – 180 Cat.


We  moved further up the Flats area to where the trees were, and Phil suggested it was a possible lache between them and many of the guys gave it a go, with Ant, brownie, Flip doing it, David getting close as well. I hate laches and couldn’t get anywhere close to that sort of distance, so I filmed the others doing it. As you’ll notice in the video there are a few clips where I scared people when filming and likewise flip does it back to me when he was filming too. I think these candid moments within is what makes the video and captures the fun and vibe of the day. The other walls,  set up the camera and left it rolling as we all trained catleaps, precisions and looked at other possible movements to be done, which looked nice as a time lapse.

Another bizarre challenges was a 180 catleap from holding a lamp post to which we all felt pleased about getting, it would be amazing to do it in reverse to the pole though, maybe another time. Seanno had arrived as we made our way back to town, spending it mainly talking and eating, feeling rather drained. he had plenty of energy though and was eager to test out the ninja boots, while wearing Flip’s cloak as he did a catleap. Flip and myself helped Jak with some tricking , throwing him around  and then it wasn’t long before we called it a day. I wish we could always have sessions like this but sadly it doesn’t always work out like that so I guess it’s best to cherish this feeling and try to encapsulate it in a video before the winter returns.



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