Slap Attack and Day Video.

Training with the community on the same day as the incredible Ninja Night [1] which would happen later the same night. Many of the Kirkby in Ashfield guys were sad they weren’t attending it, though they had already done one the last time, and would be up for a future one. I wanted to see what happened in regards to filming, if I didn’t acquire enough footage, then fair enough. If I did film enough, I would make a small video and I’m currently really feeling like editing for a change. Jak had come with an ingenious intro for the video while we were at the Red Rails area, there were lots of Autumn leaves on the flow and he said I should film him throwing them in the air, but reverse it so it was like some sort of DBZ character powering up.  I filmed it and didn’t think much to it, until when editing the video and it came out pretty cool. Then after the title it shows them falling down and Brownie decided to have a bit of a leaf throwing battle with him.

We trained as we always did the usual area, Gray wall, Bilbie Walk and then moved up to Houses to train, using and having fun on the scaffolding that was on the offices there. It made for some interesting new movements. I remember as well as doing the usual lache near the tic tac cat area. We also tried doing backwards swinging 180 laches, which felt quite horrible at first but wasn’t too bad when you got the hang of them. The scaffolding was just right amount of gaps to swing along the bars like a gibbon too, that really stretched the arms and hurt as you had to do it one armed. I remember Ant having them really nice and John too. I filmed Brownie doing a sweet run on the scaffolding too, where he swing around a pole and dropped down into a cat from the height. Even though he is sketchy at times with his movement he is ballsy with what he tried.



Sadly he was currently suffering with his Osgood-Schlatter Disease (where the shin bone protrudes) and causes great pain in the shin and knee. He said he used to have it really badly when he was younger, but it went and at times it flares up then goes away again. But the only cure is too rest, which is hard to do when you practise something you love to do so much. I guess it must feel a bit like shin splints, only much worse. I guess all the impacts from training doesn’t help these such conditions. I captured some nice runs from the guys, Shane climbing the scaffolding and other antics that went on. Like Flip trying to slap Andy as he arrived, Trickett dancing with Morgan as well as wearing his joggers up to his nipples. We had quite a number of people out today too, though it didn’t feel crowded in the area we trained.

At one point the people from across the road in the offices had, had a meeting and had lots of left over food platter and sandwiches they offered it to us, if we wanted it. Which of course we did, as seen in the video with everyone tucking into the free sandwiches, how random but awesome too! As Jamie put it, it was like an orgasm in his mouth… Erm, right! Oh the by far most extreme thing to happen while training Houses was the slap of doom, courtesy of Matt. I was trying to gt Jak to do an intro for the video and we all agreed it would be cool to have Jak be slapped on film. So I’m there trying to get him say something to the came, while some giggled and knew what was coming and the rest of the people had no clue. Anyway, Matt slapped him and it was harder than I expected and Jak said it felt more like a punch with him catching his face with his lower hand.

While at the red rails area, Flip did a nice kong cat, as we all did which entailed kong vaulting with one hand a bollard, then with the other hand having it on the end of a rail. It felt horrible and uneven but there was a gap between the rail and bollard so you wouldn’t fail if you got scared. I do love the setting of the railings, it felt so fresh to train there. We also did a diagonal catleap building up from each step to make it higher and further. Another catleap was from a bollard standing on it, which was a feat in itself then catting to the wall and railing. The walls were so rough and ripped our shoes up quite badly. To say I didn’t capture any photos from the day, I had managed to film plenty and get the video above out there for everyone to watch, I look forward to making more, so until the next time, Zade over and out.


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