Npk – Wavy Line t-shirt.

This is another t-shirt, the forth Npk to be created. This time round I’m not the one able to take full credit for it. While on the idea of wanting to create more designs, this one was created with Roger’s input, who came up with the general concept and then we rolled back and forth for tweaks of it. I liked the concept right away of the wavy lines in the squares and then it just needed the right patten to happen and then it was sorted. Again, another simplistic and great design to add to the ever growing Npk clothing line [1] [2] [3].



I must admit not everyone had this design, only a select few. So far the Nottpk Square is a fan favourite. I loved having my blue wavy line shirt, until I lost it one training session. I was gutted I lost it, as it had been through some great training sessions and I would have loved to know where it ended up. We joked about maybe a homeless person found and is now wearing it, wouldn’t that be great, rather than a random person taking it instead. Some images below are of various colours.



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