Adductor Tear.


Since the 28th of February I have had to stop all physical activities to rest and recover from a horrible injury. One many of us have no doubt experienced to some degree, a groin pull which has turned into a tear.We all had those days where it happens, puts you out of the day of training depending on the severity of it, but it heals after a few days, week(s) and then you are back to training again. If only I was so lucky and in retrospect maybe this could have all been prevented if I had just taken some time off…

I have tore through all my adductor (inner leg, groin) muscles. I’ve had an ongoing problem with my adductor’s since I first pulled them back in September 2006 some time. I (as I always do) pushed through the pain and carried on training, thinking (hoping) it would get better if I just ignored the pain or trained lighter and thought nothing more of it. I mean, I’m addicted to training. I hate having to take any sort of time off from jumping, thinking that if I do I will lose any progression I have recently made. Then there is the thought of missing any training sessions with the community, it’s the worse!

Either way, it was a big mistake to do what I have done looking back, knowing what I do now. I think I could and would have chosen to rest to prevent this from ever happening at all. Again, we live in the moment, we know the risks and not always take them, but there is always that small chance that things can go wrong. So in an effect we are gambling to a degree and do the same with our health if we think we can still train at a low intensity, but it will just lengthen the healing process a bit longer.




I was practising some same level kong precisions (k2ps) and due to my terrible technique and not being all that great with them. I would always have one leg trailing behind me when I did them. It felt and looked even worse than it sounded, like I was trying to step and kick backward in the air. Anyway, this would cause me to crane the wall I was landing on almost 95% of the time, even a same level one. I find I do the same with catleaps which are a bit bigger than my comfort zone too and so my leg always trailed behind in case I need to bail out to the ground and no splat the wall or fall onto my ass. I guess, I like to have my strongest and more dominant leg out there first. Due to those factors it has caused me to pull my adductor’s constantly and we all knows what happens when you keep doing that over time…

I stopped training for two weeks and it felt quite a lot better, so I returned to training. However, that didn’t last long and it pulled again from practising similar movements. It wasn’t as bad as before, just more of a dull ache so I thought nothing of it and kept training so long as it wasn’t a sharp pain. Gradually over time, it would hurt more but alas I wouldn’t rest it and instead kept pushing through the pain to be able to train. Even if it being pulled, it hampered my training, limiting movement distances on precisions and catleaps. It was very slowly stopping my progression as the pain got worse, and it once again pulled for the ample time while out training.

As it pulled, I heard and felt a crunching noise like when you scrunch or tear up paper, which will have been the tearing of the muscle. Needless to say, this time it really hurt in my hip joint, my whole upper leg and I couldn’t walk properly or bear weight on my leg, let alone lift my leg up without me holding and lifting it up. I decided to go to the GP a few days later. The verdict was that I had more then likely torn it as it had started to bruise as well and like any injury, the advise was to take a few weeks or months off doing anything physical, much to my own horror. I will have to adhere to this now as I can’t lift my leg up unaided and it hurts deep in my leg all the time. I am taking various anti-inflammatory tablets to help with the swelling and pain. I was on crutches for the first few days to keep all my weight off it, the pain slowly subsiding over the weeks.




But, I’ve had that happen before and it doesn’t mean it is healed. It will be a month this Monday and I’m still resting the injury even though it is killing me being inside and not being able to practice Parkour at all. I did attend Hell Night this week and did upper body conditioning instead, skipping out anything that involved being in a crouched position or using the legs due to the injury. I think once I’ve hit past the month mark I’m going to try and do some light training and if anything hurts, if so I’ll  stop immediately. It’s been a tough month as am used to training every single day. I have been practising handstands mostly while I have been out, which have and are constantly improving greatly due to the amount I have been practising.

The last thing I need to note is I started to look at movements which I was doing before injury and everything seems to have gotten really big and scary again. Though that could be due to me not knowing my own abilities since I’ve been resting and it has made my confidence lack some what?! I don’t want to have degressed and have to start from scratch again!


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