Npk – Nottspk Square t-shirt.

This will be the third t-shirt I have created. Though it was the second Npk t-shirt which was available to the community, to many though it would seem to be the first as it was our own logo. The previous barcode one [1] wasn’t as well received popularity wise, much like the first [2] postcode one either. Being more general t-shirt designs than Parkour ones.

After people stated they wanted and needed a Notts Parkour t-shirt or logo for us to represent the community. It was something I yet again delved into and thought about. As a group we tried to come up with various ideas and quick mock ups, though it was hard to come to a decision with the ideas and opinions on a logo. It will always be hard to do that, as many people are indecisive, so are better off just seeing the finished product without any other options to choose between.


Nottspk – Square Design.


As you can see above it is more of a logo, some simple text which represents and tells you what the community is, all contained within a box. The giant N was rounded and seemed to be a nice touch than the hard square edges of the original. At the time I decided to keep with the Nottingham vain and chose to stick with the colour green, being Nottingham’s Robin Hood colour. With that I gathered who would be wanting one and ordered a mass amount of t-shirts to be printed, making it a limited production for now.

Originally the web address was at the bottom right of the square and was thinner on the blue t-shirt I got as a tester, then for the green ones it was bolder. In later years when that web address dissolved, it was replaced with the at sign and Nottingham Parkour. This will forever be a simple, bold and effective design which isn’t worn as much these days, but at the time was a great design to wear. A few images can be seen below of the t-shirt.




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