#137 – Nottingham to Leicester.


I had been meaning to go back to Leicester with David to train for some time, it had been weeks since we first had the idea to go back. Yet, until now it had not materialized and the last time we went over was all the way back in July [1] and even longer before that, in April. I decided to ask Jak and a select few others of the community to see if they wanted to tag along too. I wanted people who would appreciate the change of scenery and who would train. In effect, weeding out the non-practitioners and/or the ones who had a tendency to socialize at sessions instead. In the end it ended up with ten of us planning to go, with a fair few of those being the Kirkby guys.

I woke up and saw the sun shining brightly. I packed my bag and got ready for what would be a great Autumn day adventure! Knocking on David’s door just before 10am and making our way into town to meet the others at the train station. As we arrived at the station it seemed that everyone was accounted for, well all except Danno! I gave him a call to see where he was, he said he was already there waiting for us all and had been for ages?! I was most confused, maybe he was at a different part of the station? As I was talking to him, I had failed to notice that the person leaning on the other side of a glass window I was leaning on to was in fact none other than Danno, as Jak pointed out and found hilarious!


Jak – Dyno.


With the comedy aside, we went to get our tickets which I might add was a mammoth task with so many of us. Seeing as there were ten of us and to save time and queuing we got our tickets at a discount, for half price! With that sorted, we headed to the train platform and made sure to get seats with tables all together. I did want to film a video of today and most of the intro can be seen of us meeting, walking to the train, sat talking on the train and making our way to the University of Leicester once the other side. At the time I wasn’t sure if I would capture enough footage or not, so just shot all and everything and hoped for the best at the end of the day.

After sitting there for a few moments, some of the guys felt that we may be sitting in first class and were worried that we shouldn’t be there. I know first class is usually, nearly always empty during the short journeys and on the trains we have used. Shortly after I pointed out that it was standard class, seeing as the stickers on the windows stated just that. Everyone seemed in good spirits, lots of laughs on the way, with the usual group banter. I will admit going on the train beats the bus all the time, every time, which takes around forty five minutes. Oh and then you are the other side of town when you arrive on the bus. Whereas on the train you arrive in Leicester in half the time, twenty minutes later.


David – Precision.


We stopped off at New Walk area first, to warm up before moving over to the the university. As we arrived, we trained on the area the locals call ‘slats’ and proceeded to do the main catleap and precision (seen above) demonstrated by David. The catleap or ‘arm jump’ term as many of the Leicester guys say, using the direct French to English translation? Though that is more of a debate within the Parkour community across the UK and globe currently, as to which terminology you should use while out training. I will admit I prefer using the mistranslated English terms, than the ‘proper‘ names. Not through ignorance, but they are more widely known and used, otherwise people stare at you blankly when using the other terms.

We were getting our bearing with the area and it was still very cold, even with the sun out. My hands were already feeling dry and cracking, with the side of them bleeding after a did a catleap with the sharp wall cracking my skin. It’s odd how when so cold the hands become smooth like ice. I know the catleap scared a few, so it was good to see them break the jump. Along with the downwards precision, as it was a nice height to challenge you mentally. We moved around the corner where there were some white walls we trained at for a while. I was filming more runs, trying to accommodate each of us with at least one movement for the day. Once it was nearly one, we headed off to the memorial (QE) to meet the rest of the Leicester guys.


John – Kong Precision.


I must admit I do love Leicester University, it’s so vast and has lots of good spots to train. We also got to see in action sections of their Hell Night [2] and got to see just how crazy and enduring it was. It was much harder than it looked and makes you realize how weak you are. The small yellow bollards (seen above) were good for kong precisions, despite how low they were. I found them hard to do at first, but the skip step did help. Even if throughout the day had to be explained to me, again and again. It still feels strange and horrible, but seems to increase the distance for kongs. Brownie and his sketchy techniques don’t half scare me, only just landing the k2ps on his tip toes. I, for sure, thought it was a shinjury waiting to happen!

The guys here, have excellent form with their movements. They all flow and look effortless in what they do. I’m very envious of that as a whole. Unlike Nottingham they seem to have a rich supply of kong precisions, the QE had lots of them of different sizes, heights and on different thickness of walls and railings too. We were taken a tour around the spots by Callum and Joe, popping into the cafeteria for food supplies on the way. Ant did a crazy kong precision (seen below) over some steps with a height drop. It was also a horrible two step running cat back. Props to him for the k2p, it also had him then contemplating about doing the Nottingham canal kong precision, which was similar in design, but much more of a higher drop.


Ant – Kong Precision.


While everyone was drilling a different same level kong precision, Ant had it so nice now with his skip step as did Callum and Joe (obviously). While some of us, like myself were just hitting it at times or landing short. Oh and then David somehow bailed it, which looked horrific (seen in the video below) when he went flying head first. Needless to say, after that it put us off trying it again. I was having problems with filming since using the clip on fish eye, the camera was struggling to focus. It kept going in and out of focus while filming, struggling. So annoying as it made a lot of the footage look horrible as can be seen at times in the video. We walked back to the memorial to meet up with Blane [3] before we all took a short walk to Callum’s area, near a school and new builds with lots of scaffolding around them.

This was a place they had recently been training at while all the houses were being built. We stayed there for the rest of the afternoon, practising kong precisions to a concrete slab we increased distance wise. I seemed to have hurt my groin from all the craning and trying to skip step kongs. We had planned to leave for the train at 16.40 giving us plenty of time to get there for the 17.00 departure. Seeing as we didn’t leave until 16.50 we then had a mad dash all the way to the station. Luckily we made it and the train was crammed, having to squeeze on board to ensure we got it. I got home around six and then spent most of that night editing a small video from the day which can be viewed below.



I love going to Leicester, many thanks to all that trained with us there and shown us different spots. Their whole training attitude is so different to our own, the way they move and train is more regimented and organized and then they do workouts when not training to compliment it. It really shows when they are out training. I really didn’t have an idea if the above video would come together or not as I felt I didn’t film enough. But once it was exported from the camera I had a feeling I could make it work. I think had I not kept the camera rolling for long periods, I wouldn’t have had the nice intro to use or done the same in the middle of the video to break it up a bit.

That catleap to the slight overhang wall at slates was plain horrible, not due to the having to balance on a window ledge. Just trying to clamber up after the cat was bad enough and the wall was very sharp and a slight overhang too. I wish instead I had filmed the other catleap (seen below) which was an equally big one to do. Jak’s run and bail, never cease to make me smile when I watch the video. I quite like the catleap he and Jason does, even thought it wasn’t timed. The fact you can see John in the background doing a precision at the same time too. You’ll notice the video features the new Nottspk logo too, which will be on t-shirts soon enough for people to represent.


Zade – Catleap.


Zade – Catleap.


Zade – Catleap.


Zade – Catleap.


Zade – Portrait.


Zade – Precision.


Zade – Precision.


Jason – Precision.


David – Precision.


Zade – Lazy Vault.


John – Kong Precision.


Brownie – Kong Precision.


Brownie – Kong Precision.


Zade – Kong Precision.


Jason – Kong Precision.



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