#132 – Mixed Bag.


Today was a training session where I didn’t really (again) take much photography from the day, instead I spent it training without the worry of having to stop to collect photos. It was nice to just be able to jump and be carefree. There are times when I go through these phases for a few weekends and then it always feels refreshing to come back to it when I do. We spent most of our time in the Urine Nation (UN) area. For the ones with no idea of where it is located, it’s the Broadmarsh underpass, directly under the NCP car park. We often trained there when it rained, have even got accustomed to the foul smells of the area as well. There was no end of silliness, as you can see by the above image of Flip posing for the camera like some Japanese tourist – kawaii.

WingLo was out training with us today, on his own of all things. He said there were meant to be other Leicester guys coming with him, but they had backed out last minute. He still wanted to train Nottingham and so here he was as a solo artist, not that it bothered him in the slightest. He often trained solo and even though he had come here on his own, he had our community to jump with. I was wearing a slightly different vest to my usual super baggy (S) ones, this one was cut more like a muscle top and it looked and felt like something you would see worn in Dragonball Z. Something which get mentioned by a few people while training, which I had to have a giggle at. I just needed my hair to be spiked in the same way…


Jan – Layout.


My jogging bottoms were new too, not the usual black or light gray kind I usually wear. I recently got some different coloured ones, the charcoal I’m currently unsure about, then the blueish, purple type ones seen in the photos. They fit really nicely, as do all of the Matalan branded ones do and they are really long in the legs for tall people. Though the pockets are quite shallow and could do with being zipped, much like the back pocket is. I’m getting used to my new Nike Darts as well, which many of you will have seen me wearing of late. I wasn’t a big fan of how bright and silver they were in the beginning or the slight difference in tread they have, but now I love them and think they are brilliant.

Jan was out again today, filming for his new ‘dark’ video he had planned to release in the future [1] when he had enough footage. He had come out with a tick list of things he wanted to do and film. He did a beautiful layout when we were at Audo (as seen above) which can also be seen in his video at the 0:18 mark along with other places around Nottingham. The Kirkby lot had yet more people I hadn’t met before with them, along with some of the others who came out every so often which increased numbers. We trained until it got dark and then I took a few more photos, before it was too dark to take any more and they started to blur as you can see in the last few images. Then it was time to leave for home, tried and well worked.


Flip – Portrait.


Zade – Portrait.


Zade – Portrait.


Urine Nation – Hotspot.


John & Jason.


Zade – Portrait.



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