#127 – A Handstand Precision?!


After last weekends amazing training [1] and the shear amount of photography I had captured, this week seemed a lesser affair. I had been informed by Seanno that some guys from Birmingham would be up to train Nottingham. He was going to meet them earlier in the morning when they arrived to take them on a tour of Notts, joining up with the rest of us later in the afternoon. I had never heard of the guys that were coming over nor, was I really aware of a Birmingham scene as such. The Parkour community there wasn’t like our own. I only knew a couple of practitioners, even then it was the more, well known ones. There were practitioners, as people knew from when they had visited on a previous trip [2] it was just on a smaller scale to our own and not as well organised.

We had the pleasure of Livewire being over again, that seemed to draw the masses out too. Tim is fast becoming a Youtube sensation and a popular inspiration for many that are new and old to training. So to be able to get out and train at the same time as Tim was quite the spectacle for some. After meeting up at the usual Gray Walls spot we quickly moved to the spot behind the Arkwright building. We seem to always be there now, at the weekends it is closed and being a big open area it’s great for big groups. Tim arrived in his full Adidas kit, he was wearing the newly made Parkour trainers. Which U$F and Adidas  had created, it was cool to see the zebra type trainers in person and his review of them. I just hope they become available to the public down the line.


Pyro – Kong Precision.


Tim was rocking a clean shaved head, not through choice mind you. It was something many people had fallen victim to while being at one of those overnight Parkour gym sessions. I believe it was one in Wales and I’m sure one of the most brutal shavings was of Frazer’s dreadlocks which he loved very much, but was forced to shave off. Pyro was looking at a kong precision (seen in the above image) thought at first he wanted to do it from the top! Tim said he wouldn’t even do it from there for that fact and would be silly. I felt scared for Tom as his kongs were not that strong for distance. He confided in Phil to give him the motivation to do the move and if he thought he was able to do it. I think he filmed it for his U$F sponsorship video he had planned too.

The drop alone was horrible and in the back of my mind if he hadn’t of made it, it would have been one horrible bail to say the least. Tim was taking it easy today and trying to be more light with his touch after having a few problems with his joints and knees. Jak was wanting to get a kong precision he had seen some others doing, he was scared to commit to the landing wall due to the gap. Brownie had a go at it to show Jak he just needed to have faith in doing it, though as always his own movement was sketchy and scary as he nearly overshot the landing. Over time as Jak got more used to it and gave it more of a full effort, he craned it while holding onto the railing. Which later we found that it made the wall move a bit and it was loose too.


Livewire – Handstand Precision.


While training and scaling around the buildings, Livewire was looking at a small roof gap. Most of us were perplexed to why he was staring at such a small, easy movement. Then he told us he wanted to precision it, but while in a handstand!? That was something crazy, I can’t say I had ever seen a handstand (hop) precision before. He was doing it on a dangerous ledge to us normal folk. It’s not like it was floor level where if anything went wrong he could easily bail out. Everyone was now glued to this movement being done. Tim was living up to his strengths with the handstands. When he did it, it looked so easy and effortless, I took various photos of the movement. I can’t even contemplate such a crazy movement, handstands are hard enough to balance let along jumping in one, and across a gap too.

We all moved over to Audo and other areas on the way, at this point in the day I didn’t take any photos while we were training. Well, apart from some group photos for the end of the training session. One was more candid while I set up the shot and Phil was talking to Tim, who had to strip off for the photo and effect. By the looks of the shot something funny was said due to the laughter. Then there was the more serious photo and another random, mess around one too. It had been a good day of training, great to meet and train with some outer city practitioners and good to have Livewire over again, even if he does some of the most crazy stuff possible. I dread to think what he will be trying next time he is over…


Random Portrait.


Random Group Shot.


Npk – Group Photo.


Npk – Group Photo..


Pyro – Kong Precision.


Pyro – Kong Precision.


Jak – Kong Precision.


Random Shot.


Andy – Portrait.


Livewire – Handstand.


Livewire – Handstand.


Livewire – Handstand.


Livewire – Handstand Precision.


Livewire – Handstand.


Livewire – Handstand Precision.


Livewire – Handstand Precision.



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