#124 – Leicester Guys.


This weekend the some guys from Leicester were planning to visit Nottingham. I wasn’t too sure when (time wise) they would be here, due to them all wanting to arrive at different times, but they knew the areas due to Tim and Callum and would hook up as and when they got up here. It was all rather short notice, I only knew in the morning while getting ready to head into town myself. I knew they were on about making the trip the night before, but it would depend on the weather, and seeing as today was clear they had decided to make it happen. I was expecting a text or to see them at the usual training spots when I arrived in town, but instead I had inadvertently bumped into them when myself and some others headed over too Peoples College. Then there they were, already training and had a direct path of where they wanted to go, they hadn’t been out long and had trained Broadmarsh and UN and then came across to Peoples College. Tim was one of the guides and it seemed like Callum was too, since being over a while back looking at at university and had familiarized himself with some of the spots. Wing, Joe, Tim, Alex, Tom and Jack from the scene were all accounted for.

Blane was meant to come along too, only later in the day. They didn’t have an exact idea to when he would be around or if he would be, only that he was meant to be. I, again, took very few photos this weekend. I had planned to take lots due to the Leicester visitors, but alas I didn’t which in retrospect I’m very annoyed about. They wanted to venture all over Nottingham and I acted as a sort of tour guide of sorts to some of the lesser known spots. They wanted to make their way up to Trent University and then head back the other side of town for Audo near the end of the day. They were all very upper body strong, each person being able to similar Parkour movements. It seemed like not one them wasn’t able to muscle up, or do a clean climb up. They were all very dedicated to the cause and it was really cool to see. I wish the Notts scene had that sort of mentality and abilities. I mean even the newer practitioners with them, had high levels of skill, touch and movement. It’s something I had noticed since first visiting [1] [2] Leicester a few times in the past with the community.


Wing – Running Catleap.


It seems their way of training really did benefit them and made them stand out. It’s hard to explain, it like our own scene we train yes, but at the same time it’s all fun and games where as the Leicester guys are very regimented, very serious and practical. They all train the same, all do other aspects (weight training) to supplement their Parkour skills. Wing did the monster running catleap (seen above) off a raised ledge, making it look effortless. I’m pretty sure he could running precision it if he wanted too due to the height. He had crazy leg power and was an ex-skateboarder, hence always wearing the jeans. He was the soundest of guys, very mellow and quiet and modest. It was good to see and catch up with Tim and not to mention train with him too. Alex was another guy that had amazing natural strength and could easily do double numbered pull ups without much effort and the same for muscle ups. What were these Leicester boys being fed?! They put most of it down to their way of training and Hell Nights, being focused on a movement until it became second natural, doing moves dozens and hundreds of times.

Speaking of Hell Night, it’s something I would love to sample myself and it sounds really immense. Tim said he could perhaps help create one for Nottingham at a later date if I really wanted too, as I have no idea what exercises to include or use for such a thing, having not sampled one myself. I did read about it [3] at a later date once released on Blane’s blog which gave me some ideas. We took a pit stop near the Nottingham Playhouse, a side street which had a few things to do. It had a building to pop vault up onto, a few catleaps and precisions and some other stuff. The Leicester boys were straight on looking at the rather big catleap, it was sort of same level, one of those you had to hang in the air for before grasping the wall. It didn’t help that the wall was painted black, in that anti graffiti muck, making it ever so slippery when you landed, unless you had shoes which were more rubber based. It would have been a nice precision back down too, if the wall wasn’t so damn smooth! Callum and Wing did do a nice rail precision from the catting wall, across a stairwell with a long drop.




Speaking about walls, they were very pleased with just how much sticking power the walls here in Nottingham had compared to Leicester, which apparently are all chalky and slippery in comparison. I cannot recount which wall it was, it may have be the one at Houses, but when they all did a tic tac cat, they stuck to it super glue and fell off, one after the other. It was quite funny, as if they had all never done Parkour before and had no idea how to land. I guess they are more used to walls not as forgiving, sliding down when they land. It was brilliant for them to practise climb ups on too, due to the grip. A wall they all wanted to take apart and take back home with them. While stocking up on supplies at a local paper shop, there was two HGVs which was an odd sight to see, and it looked like one might be having a problem as you can see above with the rather robust gentleman checking his HGV. I quite like the snapshot I took of them, it was quick but I like the feeling it has in the image.

The Leicester guys were wanting to move to Audo and a few other areas before they had to leave, usually I would have joined and stayed with them until they had finished their day. But myself and some others wanted to train the other end of the city and so we said our goodbyes and  left them to train in their group for the rest of the day, while we moved over to Trent University and then Arboretum. they knew where to go and how to get back to the bus station / train station once they had finished. It wasn’t until later that evening when I got home that I found out that I had missed Blane, who had arrived later in the day while they were all training at Auditorium, finishing there day there. Though Callum said was pretty tired and so just chilled rather than trained. I knew I should have stayed with them for the full day, on the off chance rather than breaking off, but it can’t be helped when there are places and movements you want to do…


Leicester Guys.


Leicester Guys.


Leicester Guys.


Leicester Guys.


Callum – Portrait.


Wing – Running Catleap.


Joe – Portrait.


Wing – Catleap.


Wing – Catleap.


Jack – Portrait


Wing – Portrait.


Tom – Portrait.



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