#123 – Trees & Car Parks.


Today’s entry will be a short, but sweet one. Even though I had my camera with me, I seemed to have taken very few photos if any today, more so a few quick snaps. I instead spent much of my time enjoying training and teaching, as opposed to documenting everything via photography. I think the last blog [1] I had some what over documented with the photos. So I guess this weeks lack of photography, is a sort of counterbalance in the blogging universe… Matt was out this weekend, though no Jon or Chris who usually tagged along with him when out.  Both busy with other commitments like basketball for this weekend. The Kirkby boys were back out this week too. We spent a fair amount of our time at the usual training spot of Gray Walls and then made our way down to the Trent University, mainly the area behind with all the wooden benches. Using the benches for precision jumps, increasing the distances and just training in general, it was quite the relaxed day.

We did move up to a car park across from the area, where some of us did a downwards precision which had a story drop below the jump if you missed… A jump which scares the bejesus out of you when stood on edge being able to see the drop before you jump. It gets the heart pumping as you fly through the air before hitting the concrete and doing a Parkour roll, or taking the impact like a baws. I remember Brownie wanting to do it running instead, though that was even worse and not to mention a higher impact. When he ran along the wall, he looked off balance and when he jumped it looked like he wasn’t going make it, giving us all a fright. We slowly made our way back to Gray Walls, where I got a few images of David who was busy clambering the trees there and it wasn’t something I had documented before and so the images felt fresh and different to see. Though his dismount out of the tree wasn’t as graceful as his climbs, with a heavy impact and a awful looking roll on the hard ground.


Matt – Precision.


Turner – Precision.


Turner – Precision.


Zade (Me) – Precision.


Zade (Me) – Precision.


David – Portrait.


David – Portrait.


David – Portrait.



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