#115 – The Orange of Auditorium.


Jak – Precision.


It was to be a Tuesday afternoon of training for us, a smaller than normal turnout but still big for a weekday training session which, usually consists of between one to three people on average. Oh, and we met at the later time of two o’clock as well, so people could all attend due to college. Originally it was only going to be myself, David and Jak out, but once word got round that we were out training, a few others were interested too. Like Adam who was free from college and wanted to come along, as did Nam and Seanno. We ended up training over at Auditorium, as that was always great for photography and a vast area for movements too. Auditorium looked so bright and clean now, it seems to have been sandblasted and lifted the area, looking brand new. It used to look quite gloomy, and became very slippery when it had rained due to all the moss and grunge on the surfaces making it a deadly combination to train in the wet elements.

It’s always strange training at Auditorium in the week as everything is always so quite. The buildings are used in the week and so the windows are open at times which in turn makes you more fearful of each echoing sound made, because you might get told off or moved on. I captured some images of Jak doing the same level catleap which looked massive due to his small stature, while the rest of us made it look quite small, with us all being taller than Jak. I snapped a few random portrait shots of people too, something I need to do more of as I quite like how candid they feel when people aren’t posing for a photo. Seanno was showing us that we should try more dyno movements, as other cities tend to practise them more nowadays from what he had seen in videos, they are fast becoming a movement people focus on currently. We started on the upper most bar, then jumped upwards to the wall, going down another bar each time until we reached the bottom rung.


Zade (Me) – Dyno.


There were eight rungs, each making the dyno harder to do. The bars being so thin, sort of bent with the weight of out bodies as we hung and at times it looked and felt like they might snap, not that they would of course. When on the lower bars I found it increasingly hard not to kick my leg outwards behind me to counter balance as I jumped up for the walls ledge. Seanno was able to do it without much kick force at all, making it look clean, we also tried to do the dyno back down to the bars too. That was painful, jarring the fingers if you missed and it just felt too unnatural to go for without much hesitation. Looking back at the photos I don’t like how you can see my shoulder muscle fibres in the images, being thin sure does make my arms and body look deformed haha! I’m quite pleased with most of the images I had captured today, though is it just me or does David look Russian in his portrait shot?

There was a giant precision jump from a corner of a wall to the corner of some steps. It was a big jump and had lots of impact to boot too, this is the sort of jump I would expect Pyro could easily do or Flip as they love the big jumps. When myself, David and Jak tried it we landed near it or with one foot on the first step and one on the floor. It was scary to commit to, but looked awesome for photos as you can see in the images below. It’s a precision jump on my tick list, which I want to feature in a new video. We set up a diving kong on one of the benches outside the restaurant, slowly increasing the distance of the dive before we got told to put the bench back where it was and not to use them as vaulting blocks. Before leaving town myself and David trained at Bilbie Walk with Jak, where he was speaking about a new move a cross kong to turn vault he liked to practise. In the image of the movement you can see in the background a woman checking the time and with that it was time for us to call it a day.




David – Precision.


Zade (Me) – Precision.


Zade (Me) – Diving Kong.


Jak – Catleap.


Adam – Portrait.


Nam – Portrait.


David – Portrait.


Seanno – Portrait.


David – Portrait.


Zade (Me) – Dyno.


Jak – Portrait.


Audo Building.


Jak – Turn Vault.



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