#100 – 7hrs of Training.


David – Front Tuck.


Seeing as tomorrow (Saturday) I am away on holiday for a week, my annual family holiday. I decided that I would train with a few others today (Friday) seeing as I wouldn’t be out tomorrow and no doubt most of the regular weekend practitioners wouldn’t be out either, they seem to need me to organise and chase people up, for them to be out. Although, you never know, they might all still train of their own accord and the movement faction will still happen, I guess I’ll find out when I get back next week how it all went. Needless to say we had trained for a good seven hours today, travelled all over Nottingham to various hotspots, new and old there hadn’t been much photography wise to back up that claim. I should have taken more, but I was so in the zone of training that I spent most of my time doing what I do best, training and filming for a new video too. Some of the spots we did train at were the less known areas, like the surrounding ones near the Flats area and Trent Uni, little places which you can only train with a few people at. I can’t even remember the things which had happened today due to not having photos to look back on, that I was so tired I didn’t even put some memos up on here as a reminder when I came back to amend the post when I had time. I just remember the day being great in regards to the weather, vibe and people out.

I should also mention that this is my hundredth post, it doesn’t feel that long since I first started doing these entries, my how time flies! I remember first setting up this blog [1] to document some of my personal achievements and for others to read and look back through the days, months, years and even decades to come. It’s also helped me no end with my grammar and being able to express my thoughts, opinions and shown my array of photography too. It has been one steep learning curve through the years, don’t worry I won’t be stopping any time soon and there will be plenty more adventures to be had, documented for all to be read and seen here. I’m not sure if I even have fans of the blog yet, or even if people who follow this blog, maybe there are some who regularly look for new content and enjoy the read and updates. I just hope it’s been insightful to many, fun and a joy to see, read and laugh at when I publish my new content. I kind of wish more people would use blogs to document such things like I have, as it’s great to see how other communities differ from our own and what they are up to. I know a few people who have blogs but nothing on the scale I have so far created.


Jak – Portrait.


Near the end of the day, we spent it training on the grassy area near the Trent University, with Jak doing front tucks off the walls and on flat, which he had awesome an tucked so tightly in a ball. David also did a few on flat, I’m so jealous that I can’t land fronts on flat standing up, always straight into a forward roll or landing super crouched with hands in front of me. There wasn’t much to offer in this area but we still spent ages training various movements. Doing some pop vaults up the wall and over the blue railings, along with some underbars too. Martyn had the new U$F inner monkey t-shirt which looked awesome and I was contemplating getting one too, as and when I had some spare cash available. I took lots of portrait shots of Jak, which annoyed him, as he was getting fed up of being burst shot left, right and centre very time he walked near me or did a movement. He even warned me he would thwart my plans by hitting the camera out of my hand if I carry on to which made me take even more shots of him.

The summer heat was a killer, you really felt drained doing a few moves and the sweat would pour off you, drinking gallons of water to keep hydrated too. These warm summer days are the best for training in, no fear of the weather changing, being able to train in a vest, feeling an optimal temperature for training, so less of a warm up is needed. Then when you have finished training you are able to relax in the sun and get a tan too. It’s strange, it feels like this is the first good summer we have had in a few years, it’s always been a few weeks in the past rather than months of constant, reliable sun. I’m looking forward to my holiday and more so training there and getting back into the swing of training once I’m back after a slight rest.


Jak – Kong Precision.


David – Front Tuck.


Jak – Portrait.


Jak – Front Tuck.


Jak – Front Tuck.


Martyn – Kong.


Martyn – Kong.


Jak – Portrait.


Martyn – Portrait.


David – Portrait.



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