#97 – Strength & Accuracy.


Zade (Me) – Portrait.


So this weekend was a strange one, not only did we visit only but a couple of areas for training then venturing to many areas throughout the day. We began by warming up at Houses first before moving down the street to the brown wooden fenced area which we hadn’t as of yet named, no doubt sooner or later someone will come up with something for it. We did some vaults over the wooden fence onto the soft grass which was really getting destroyed now, you could see how much we had used it while the weather had been wet or damp, foot imprints all over, the moss like grass had been turfed up and was now becoming a dry muddy mess. While taking photos I noticed a small shoe sticker which had been stuck to the window in the area (seen above in my self portrait shot), this also gave Flip the idea of doing more drawings as stickers for Parkour and placing them around our local hotspots, so only Parkour people would see and find them while out training in the same areas.

There was a metal pole in the area just before the wooden fence which we contemplated using to swing around and back over the fence, or even with some sort of swing round to turn vault, maybe even a swing to kick off the wall. We had lots of ideas floating around but nothing we could put into action though… It was scary to swing using the pole, knowing there was a small drop below, even if it was grass. Strange how such, small things can effect your mind and make you reluctant to try different, yet awkward feeling movements. There really wasn’t much else to do in this area and seeing as we had warmed up it was time to choose another location to train at. It was a hot, humid day of training, even if the sun wasn’t gracing us with it’s presence and so we were feeling drained by the time we reached our second destination of the metal stairwell of Trent Uni.

We spent our time trying some different and unusual movements like a cross vault to underbar (seen below by Pyro) on the corner of the rails, while Adam stood in the background of the shots with his thumbs up pose, photo bombing. Another move was the turn vault underbar on the railings, a very frustrating move which proved more difficult to achieve than other movements. I spent ages trying to get it before very sketchily getting it down, not to mention smashing my back and ass a few times too. Another move myself and David practised was a kong to squirrel, which was another annoying movement to get, the railing was bad enough having to kong over with next to no run up. Never mind getting distance from that to achieve the squirrel, which felt so difficult to commit too, without putting your feet down on the floor before, even though the landing was slightly off the ground. It was so frustrating and if you ran too fast or focused too much on the landing you would bail and flop over the railing which happened a few times. This was one movement I wanted as a future goal for a video release and so the next few times I visit the area I shall be attempting it.


David – Kong.


David – Kong.


Flip – Portrait.


Banham – Portrait.


Mattski – Portrait.


Adam – Portrait.


Pyro – Cross Vault Underbar.


Adam – Handspring.


Zade (Me) – Turn Vault.


Zade (Me) – Underbar.


Kong to Squirrel.


David – Kong.


David – Kong.


Zade (Me) – Kong.


Zade (Me) – Kong.



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