Zade 2006 Spring Sampler.


Zade (Me) - Portrait.


After creating my first 2005 teaser [1] video and speaking about how I wanted to make a proper video after, I did just that with this video. I decided upon the idea of trying to make seasonal videos, rather than a yearly sampler like many made. Perhaps I was somewhat impatient, not willing to keep hold of footage. Plus the thought I had was with constant progression I would have more than enough new footage to share each part of the year and it would let me become better at editing too, at least that was the plan. I released this video in the Spring (April) of 2006 for the masses to watch, comment and share. I was quite proud and pleased with the video, compared to the 2005 one. I was quite apprehensive about releasing it initially, thinking many may hate the edit and this made me unsure about the release.

I had a small intro for the video thanks to Flip, who was filming me as I was tying my shoe lace when we were training on the City Hospital rocks. The same place and day I also twisted my ankle on the said rocks after doing a terrible frontflip and falling onto my knees. I felt the intro went well with the epic music before the actual training. At the time the Nottingham scene was well into Jedi Mind Tricks (JMT) as well as Army Of The Pharaohs (AOTP) which we had all got into thanks to Sick Ed who was always playing their tunes. We all liked the same hip-hop, rap music and the adrenaline pump we got from it helped us do the bigger movements. What was stranger was when we trained with other communities they had no clue about the said artists but when people watched our videos they all wanted to know the artist.



  • Nice intro mate, what is that black thing on your arm?
  • Those skinny arms, once again.
  • Bright hoodie! Nice kongs.
  • Nice little filmed run.
  • That bench frontflip was scary.
  • Nice tic tac, shame about the terrible roll.
  • Wallspins always look so nice.
  • 360 underbars are fun.
  • Nice zoom effect on the precision.
  • Splitting leg action.
  • Catleap and no climb up, what was I thinking?
  • Oh my, I nearly died doing that frontflip.
  • Stream jump looked nice, as did the aerial and night precision.
  • What was that crazy, spinney vault?!


From the video intro you’ll notice from the start the round, black mp3 I had strapped on my arm which I used to listen to music tracks while out training and help me get hyped for movement too. I’m also wearing my bold, Team Hex [2] [3] [4] red hoodie in some clips too, as well as my custom created Zade blue hoodie in a few of the clips as well. It was a strange time for producing videos as you had no idea who would watch them – the local community, other cities and/or random people of the internet. So when you got a good reception and comments from people you didn’t personally know it was cool. It felt like you were sort of internet famous in a way when people knew of you through a video(s) and who doesn’t like to be known.

I merged a few clips together to form a run, like the one in the video when I’m wearing my blue hoodie. As well as a slight run at the rails at City Hospital. Something I should really experiment do more of in the future, as there needs to be more linking of movements like we have seen in a few videos. There is a front tuck off a picnic bench, rather than many aerials this video as it was another flip I had been working on and was scary to do at height. I only felt compelled to do one due to David and Flip having already done flips off the bench before me. You’ll see a few clips from Mansfield within the video too. Overall a good video and I hope and  look forward to making more throughout the year, watch this space…



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